1. Always be yourself.

We all like to think that we are being 100% authentic all the time, but sometimes even the most down to earth people will occasionally say something just because it might be "what they want to hear." It doesn't even have to be over something important. Some people you will meet are clearly faking it more than others, but overall it is truly best to stay true to yourself. It will allow you to find people you are not only compatible with during recruitment, but also in hope for lifelong friendships.

2. Relax!

Recruitment can go a lot of different ways for different people. The most important thing you can do during this sometimes dramatic process is stay calm. The more stress you put on yourself and the situation, the more likely you are to have a bad experience. So just go with the flow, and know that life always has a way of working itself out, and it might just surprise you!

3. Choose to have fun.

Just like in life, the recruitment process can have many ups and downs. You might get cut from a house you really liked, or you may have a conversation with a great girl at another. Regardless of how the week goes for you, keep a positive outlook and look for the fun in it. You will most certainly not come out of recruitment with the results that you want if you have a crappy attitude the entire time.

4. Welcome new friendships.

Be open to anyone and everyone! You never know where or when a conversation could spark up and it might lead to a great relationship. That goes for starting college as well. Surrounding yourself with more people will help the adjustment to college life go more smoothly and you likely will not miss home nearly as much. So do not turn down someone just because they are in a house that has a certain reputation or if they are not in a house at all! You can make friends with people from all walks of life in college.

5. Be more accepting.

The hardest aspect of recruitment for me was getting over the issue that these people were judging me off of a 10-minute conversation and I was doing the same to them. That really weighed on me emotionally. The best way you can get over this is to accept that it is OK if not everyone likes you or if you do not get along with every person you speak with. Just accept that not all aspects of the process will go according to your plans and that it is just fine as long as you are happy with the results.