Fall in Florida is not your standard fall. We don't have the leaves falling, the chilly weather or even the overall feeling of fall itself. Coming from the North, one thing I truly miss is fall since it is my favorite season. Here are a few ways that Florida does Fall.

1. We still go to the beach because we know that the water is still nice and warm.

2. Flip-flops and sandals over booties any day.

3. We actually do wear jackets, but thats only when the temperature goes below 70 degrees.

4. Sometimes our palm trees loose their palms, which is basically our equivalent of falling leaves.

5. We don't worry about layering clothes and coats for Halloween.

6. We get a lot of the "snow-birds" from the North.

7. We have pumpkin patches brought into us so we can take photo shoots.

8. We basically just have an extension of summer.