Life ends, right? At some point or another, sooner than later our day will come. Have you taken a second to think about that?

I know it's a rather depressing start to an article but the reason why I am telling you this is because I want to remind you to not waste your life doing things you do not enjoy.

I just feel like nowadays a lot of college students and even adults find themselves just going through the motions, stressing about everything while not truly enjoying or doing anything they truly love. They just keep waking up every day thinking they'll wake up the next day and the next after that for the rest of their lives when in reality it won't be that way.

Because life in this world will eventually come to an end you got to think: What will you do with it? People often forget or spend a big chunk of their lives doing anything but what they truly want to do and I just feel like it shouldn't be that way. If you ask people around what they want to do or what their dream job would be, they'll most likely respond something they think is impossible to attain. In reality, however, I genuinely believe that in most occasions those crazy dreams, ambitions, and desires you've low-key had since you were a kid are attainable in one way or another.

If your dream is to be a singer, go ahead, sign up for singing classes, learn how to sing and do it every day. If you want to be an athlete, go ahead, practice, learn from the game and become better at it. If you want to be a rocket scientist, go ahead study everything, memorize all the theories and after you know them all, make up your own.

Why is it so hard for people to just do what they want? What is keeping them from doing what they love? I've always wondered what it would feel like to grow up, work, get old and then look back at my life and think, "man I wish I had done more, I feel like I could've easily done it." In all honesty, I would hate to think about my life that way and I've just happened to notice that a lot of people nowadays are living their lives in such a way that they might end up being that person.

People should remember every now and then that because their lives are going to eventually end, they should spend it with those who they love the most while also doing that which they love the most. They should take all the opportunities that come their way, make the best out of them and try again if they didn't work out. At the end of the day, what gives meaning to our lives (aside from the fact that it is limited) is what you do for others and for yourself, but if you can't do anything for yourself to bring you joy every now and then, did you really live an enjoyable life?

I know it may sound stupid but Drake was right. You only live once and thus, you should not only seize a moment but your whole life through doing whatever you love with those who you love.

I can assure that you that if you end up listening to me and, most importantly, your heart, you will leave this world with a big smile on your face knowing you did everything you wanted to... The question is, will you do it?