3 Staples To Wear When It's Cold And It's Hot And You Don't Know What To Wear

3 Staples To Wear When It's Cold And It's Hot And You Don't Know What To Wear

It's difficult to know what to wear when it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon while looking trendy!


It's that time of the year when seasons collide. It's freezing in the morning and scolding hot in the afternoon. There's never a happy medium and regardless of what the weather is, you're still sweating. It's hard to feel cute or fashionable when you have to wear a ridiculous amount of layers or hide sweat stains from your shirt. So what do you wear to help? Here are some suggestions that have saved my life:

1. Flannel


Flannels are great because they look great no matter how you wear them! You can roll the sleeves up, tie it around your waist, or even mix and match the patterns! They aren't too heavy or too light so they really are a great staple piece for the "in-between".

2. Workout Leggings


I know that there's always a debate about if leggings can be worn as pants, but workout leggings are a great way to be able to walk long distances in cold/hot weather while still feeling comfy throughout the day. They can be thick enough to keep you warm and also have the kind of fabric that can absorb sweat! Whether you wear neutral colors or crazy prints, workout leggings are perfect to disguise how comfy you really feel!

3. Platform Shoes

Platforms are all the rage right now and they can be worn for dressier occasions or on a casual day! Platforms are great because they are a fun detail to add to your outfit and are much comfortable than wearing wedges or flip flops with no support! They also can keep your feet warm when it's cold out while also protecting your feet from the sun! And they all come in different shapes, colors and sizes and who doesn't love diversity?


Most of all, just wear something that makes you feel good. Why punish yourself and wear something that could damper on your day? Dressing to impress is important, but dressing for YOU will help you feel confident and ready to conquer the day!

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Your Guide To Dressing For The Most Confusing Temperatures

I’ve finally figured out the right wardrobes for 40-to-65 degree-weather…I think.

I’ve been living up north for nearly three years now, and I absolutely love it, but one of the main struggles I’ve had is that I just have absolutely no idea what to wear half the time I am going outside. Sure, it’s easy when it’s in the 30s and below, or in the 70s and up, but I’m talking about those in-between temperatures that have regularly confused me to no end. After countless guessing and checking (and taking photos of my outfits that I caption with the temperature and my thoughts on how comfortable I am), I might have finally figured out exactly what to wear in weather ranging from 40 to 65 degrees. In a nutshell, here are my conclusions:

1. 40 to 45 degrees and sunny

For this weather, I wear some kind of coat that isn’t your heavy-duty winter one. Underneath, I sport a lightweight long-sleeve top, and leggings or jeans, but steer clear of ultra-ripped ones.

2. 40 to 45 degrees and cloudy

It’s time to bring out the look that is one step away from your winter garb. Grab your second-warmest coat and pair it with a thick long-sleeve top or lightweight sweater, or wear a super thin sweater underneath your warmest jacket. Leggings are definitely the move, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for you to have a beanie on standby.

3. 46 to 52 degrees and sunny

To stay cozy in this brisk temperature, slip on a normal-to-thick sweater and a warm jacket that you’ll want to zip up. If there’s no wind, you might be able to get away with ripped jeans, but of course there’s always leggings, too.

4. 46 to 52 degrees and cloudy

Wear the jacket that comes just before you’d pull out any kind of coat from your closet. I would air on the side of caution by styling it with a thick sweater, but if you don’t get cold easily, you could probably just wear that jacket with a lightweight top and maybe a vest. I wouldn’t say this weather is ripped-jeans-friendly, yet, but hey, it’s your call.

5. 53 to 59 degrees and sunny

This is where you can have the most fun! You can wear a sweater and a vest, a warm long-sleeve and a poncho, any kind of top and a somewhat-warm jacket – it’s all about trading off the weights of your layers to create a snug balance. Opt for any kind of bottoms that will cover your legs, whether it be pants, ripped or non-ripped jeans, a skirt and tights, etc., and you will be good to go.

6. 53 to 59 degrees and cloudy

To me, this is pretty similar to the 53 to 59 degrees on a sunny day. Basically, stick to its sunny-weather counterpart’s directions, but tip the balance of your layers to a slightly warmer side.

7. 60 to 65 and sunny

No matter what you wear in this weather, it’s hard to go wrong – you’re pretty much guaranteed to be at least somewhat comfortable. Rock a t-shirt, long-sleeve or a flannel, but have an extra layer handy just in case. As for bottoms, anything is fair game.

8. 60 to 65 degrees and cloudy

I’d say same as everything in the suggestions above, except you’re definitely going to want to have that extra layer – doesn’t have to be thick, just something to keep you comfortable without the sun’s warmth.

Oh and pro tip: if it’s windy, increase the warmth of your layers everywhere.

Cover Image Credit: blog.stitchfix.com

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