What Disney Character Would Your College Be? (Texas Edition)
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What Disney Character Would Your College Be? (Texas Edition)

How does you college match up?

What Disney Character Would Your College Be? (Texas Edition)

Before you read this article, please know this list is meant to be fun and entertaining. It was not created to offend anyone nor to hurt people's feelings. With that said, enjoy.

Rice: Mike Wazowski


Just like the typical student at Rice, Mike Wazowski is a very determined character. He tries his best to do well in everything he does. He studies hard in school and tries to break barriers in all the areas he can. However, his lack of athleticism, social skills and care for others can kind of hold him back a bit at times, but even that isn't enough to prevent him from accomplishing whatever he wants.

Texas A&M: Woody


Woody is the perfect character for A&M. Woody is a firm believer in the importance of family, loyalty and of doing what's right even under the darkest of all situations; and on top of that he dresses like a cowboy. Even though he can be a bit too competitive, bossy, loud, and stubborn, he always does what's right and he never backs out nor gives in to adversity, just like the students at Texas A&M.

UT: Mad Hatter


Austin's modern motto is "keep Austin weird" and UT students reeeaalllyy live up to that. Generally speaking they are pretty weird, and you are going to find a bit of everything there. Their students are pretty different from what you usually see but do not let that distract you from the fact that they are brilliant and the fact that they stand out wherever they go. They may be weird but that is also what makes them pretty unique.

TCU: Beast


One of the key components that characterizes TCU is their expensive tuition and fees, so just like its students the Beast is pretty wealthy. Smart, athletic but sometimes a bit greedy, TCU and Beast are the perfect fit. If you are on their good side, they can be the coolest around but if they hate you, they might give you hell. Overall, they are rich, and a bit stuck up but deep down they are very nice and a great ally.

SMU: Scrooge McDuck


They are pretty much like TCU, except they have less diversity because it is a pretty white dominant school and they are pretty bad at sports. In the flip side, they are great at making business, they are smart and they are very hard working and diligent. Having them as a friend is always a plus and if you hang around them long enough, you'll see that they have a lot of potential.

Baylor: Pete


Pete is a strong, cunning and ambitious character. Just like students at Baylor, Pete is a character that will stop at nothing to obtain his goals. They can sometimes pull some strings when it comes to achieving what they want, especially in sports but that does not take away from the fact they are pretty good at most things they do.

Texas Tech: Baloo


Definitely not the brightest but definitely not the dumbest, Baloo is yet another perfect fit for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Baloo is a loyal, funny, easy going and strong character. He loves to enjoy life, have a good time with friends, and he would stop at nothing to protect them if a bad situation were to ever present itself. He is awesome to be around but he can sometimes get a bit carried away by chilling a bit too much. His laid back personality can sometimes prevent him from getting some things done, but regardless of that, he is a great companion, with a lot of spirit.

Texas State: Pumba


Pumba is a funny and outgoing character. He is incredibly sociable and he enjoys life like no other, I mean his motto is "hakuna matata", right? He loves to party and being around his friends. Unfortunately, all characters have a weakness and that is his slight lack of brilliance. Even though he may not be the smartest around, he is still a definite stand out and a great character.

University of Houston: Sully


Just like U of H, Sully is a strong, confident, determined and naturally outgoing character. His raw talent and ease of doing things can sometimes make it hard for him to work in order to get the best out of him. Nonetheless, his determination and hunger for success definitely makes up for that. And just like U of H, Sully always keeps growing more and more as a character.

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