I have a confession to make. No, it isn't serious, but it is a testament to how fanatical I can be when it comes to astrology; no doubt my previous articles have already made that clear. My confession: I tentatively plan what I'm going to wear based on the colors associated with the current month's zodiac sign, whatever it may be at the time. You might be thinking, why on Earth would you do that? Why waste your time researching such things? Actually, color astrology is more useful than you might think, as it can be used to heighten or downplay certain personality characteristics associated with your zodiac sign.

My interest in color astrology began almost a year ago when I realized how dark and boring my wardrobe was, consisting mostly of clothes that were either black or shades of red. Wanting desperately to brighten up my attire, I began buying clothes in hues that I had previously refrained from: beige, orange, pink, yellow, and green. Interestingly, these are all colors that not only suit my skin tone, but also make me feel most at peace with myself. When I wear these colors, it's as if my curiosity and willingness to explore unfamiliar territory is being stimulated. But how do you determine what colors work best for you?

What I have learned about color astrology is that the palettes suited to your rising and sun signs are going to be your best friends. For instance, an Aries might be attracted to vibrant reds and oranges, but if their rising sign is Pisces, they might also favor watery blues. Being that my rising sign is Taurus, an Earth sign that favors earthy greens and soft pinks, it makes sense that I often select these colors if I'm feeling the need to be more grounded. Conversely, vibrant greens and yellows bring out the conversational, mentally stimulating side of my personality. And when I need to be more calm and collected with my thoughts, whites and lighter blues are very useful.

Obviously much of this is up for interpretation and is due to personal preference. Being that I'm a Gemini — a sign noted for being the chameleon of the zodiac — I like to experiment with color, regardless of whether or not it suits my rising or sun sign. Thus, I often wear colors associated with whatever zodiac sign the sun is in for that month, to experience another lens through which I can view the world. We are in Gemini season until June 20, so for now, citrusy pinks, oranges, yellows, and vibrant greens and blues are my go to. Perhaps Cancer season, with its beachy blues, soft yellows, and spicy reds will bring with it a new flavor to experience.