I Asked 26 Students What College Means To Them And No Two Answers Are The Same
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Student Life

I Asked 26 Students What College Means To Them And No Two Answers Are The Same

What even IS college like?

I Asked 26 Students What College Means To Them And No Two Answers Are The Same
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Everyone making college decisions right now is in such a blind spot. You ask yourself questions like, "How hard are the classes really? What clubs will I join? Will I be a part of Greek life? What do I look for in a roommate? Am I going to keep eating healthy or fall down a path of mac and cheese for 3 meals a day?" But the most important question so many people forget to ask when they are learning about college culture is, what exactly IS college like? I asked 25 students here at Santa Clara University, and here were their answers (all of which are 100% accurate, by the way) :

1. "College is a place where the true degenerate everyone is comes out." - Alec, Freshman

2. "College is all about planning everything out and having nothing go as planned." -Jace, Sophomore

3. "College is eating dinner at 1 am and breakfast never." - Alexandra, Freshman

4. "College is threatening to drop out at every minor inconvenience." - Eoan, Freshman

5. "College is laying down for a fifteen-minute nap and waking up two hours later in a puddle of your own drool and pillow marks all over your face." - Ashtin, Sophomore

6. "College is making a million lists, none of which actually end up finished." - Aleksandra, Freshman

7. "College is all about figuring out how drunk you could get before finishing your homework, so you can get more drunk later." - Nikhil, Senior

8. "College is missing home but being home at the same time." - Nicole, Freshman

9. "College is living off campus but your personal toilet paper is supplied solely by stealing from the buildings on campus." - Sam, Senior

10. "College is having free time and spending it stressing about when you won't have free time." - Riley, Sophomore

11. "College is only seeing friends for an hour or for six, no in between." - Riley, Sophomore

12. "College is complaining about having so much work while laying on your bed eating pretzels." - Agatha, Sophomore

13. "College is just the side gig to actual life. From being involved on campus and multiple internships all at once, to actually finding a real-life job and career you're passionate about - those are the actual tests in college. Classes and assignments are just the icing on top that you can't forget!" - Alexandra, Junior

14. "College is attempting to somehow balance school, work, your social life, and your mental and physical health while simultaneously trying to figure out what on earth you want to do with your life." - Carla, Freshman

15. "College is taking a nap at 4 pm and waking up the next day." - Grace, Freshman

16. "College is looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane." - Liz, Freshman

17. "College is 50% trying to figure out what the heck you're doing." - Autumn, Freshman

18. "College is hanging out with friends and then suddenly realizing that you have laundry in the washing machine." - Darrell, Freshman

19. "College is wanting to do everything to escape the constant FOMO that is faced every day." - Ciara, Freshman

20. "College is waiting for hours for your Tapingo to go through." - Quinn, Sophomore

21. "College is the equivalent of Rainbow Road on MarioKart." - Elizabeth, Freshman

22. "College is purposely not looking both ways before crossing the street, and hoping to get hit." - Brendan, Freshman

23. "College is f*cking hard and simultaneously f*cking lit." - Margaret, Freshman

24. "College is emailing your professor to round your 78 to a 90." - Justin, Junior

25. "College is online shopping during class knowing damn well you can't afford 90% of your shopping cart and that you should be taking notes instead." - Ali, Junior

26. "College is super fun... you know, minus the whole getting out of bed and having to go to class every day thing." - Maria, Sophomore

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