What College Girls Remember from their Summers as a Kid
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What College Girls Remember from their Summers as a Kid

Summer is almost here!

What College Girls Remember from their Summers as a Kid

Yes, summer is almost here.. so what should we remember

1. The beach with your family

2. The pool (either in your yard or a friend's)

3. Wearing bug spray

4. No school

5. No responsibilities

6. BBQs

7. Swimming lessons - harder than they looked

8. Playing at the playground

9. Sleepovers after a day of swimming 

10. Vacations (usually to a beach town)

11. Going to the lake (if you weren't near the ocean)

12. The sun was so bright - and squinting if you didn't want to wear your sunglasses

13. Sprinklers - and running through them

14. Being forced to wear sunscreen (and somehow still getting burnt)

15. Taking the best nap after a hot day at the pool and a cool shower 

16. Running around with friends until it was dinner time

17. Getting stung by bees (this one sucked)

18. And getting bitten by mosquitoes (you hated them)

19. Mini golf

20. Summer camp!

21. Ice cream truck (and mom saying that we had ice cream at home)

22. Ice cream shops and creameries 

23. Seeing that it was still light out through your window when you went to bed at 8

24. That feeling that summer would last forever

25. Days spent hiding from the heat watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon

26. Wearing your hair in a pony because it was too hot to wear down

27. Riding the waves at the beach

28. Sand castles 

29. Summer reading lists 

30. Hiking with your family 

31. Camping 

32. Family reunions 

33. Sitting on the porch or deck to esacpe the heat 

34. Not having to work

35. Day trips


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