What being in a Long Distance Relationship has taught me
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What being in a Long Distance Relationship has taught me

Being in a LDR is hard, but with the right person it's worth it.

What being in a Long Distance Relationship has taught me

I never thought I would ever be in a long distance relationship. That was until I met my boyfriend. We began talking as soon as quarantine began so we were unable to see each other for months. Once we were finally able to hangout, we had to have some tough conversations about if we were ready for all the challenges a LDR brings. At the beginning we both agreed, but I do not think either of us were ready for the lessons we would be taught along the way. Here we are, almost 10 months later, and these are a few things I have learned.

I have learned the importance of effective communication.

Communication is key in any relationship, but especially in a LDR. Communicating whether or not you're too busy to talk, your feelings, and even having difficult discussions when you feel like the distance is too much. Being in a LDR has taught me that I am able to have these conversations with nothing holding me back.

I learned to trust.

In the past I have been lied to and hurt so many times. So the logical solution is to date someone who lives 4 hours away (kidding). In all seriousness, being in a LDR requires so much trust. Trust that your significant other will not hurt you, cheat on you, or do something you would not be proud of. Learning to trust after being let down so many times is extremely difficult, but the right person will show you trusting someone is not so hard.

I have learned how to be comfortable being by myself.

Being in a LDR you spend a lot of time with yourself. I think with anyone, LDR or not, you should become comfortable with hanging out with yourself versus needing to be with someone 24/7. The harsh reality of being in a LDR is you will be by yourself more than you will be with them. It is essential you are comfortable being alone. There is an abundance of ways you can do this, some of my favorite ways are having a skin care night, rewatching the Twilight series over and over, or binge watching Tik Tok for hours on end.

I could drive from Jackson, MS to Mobile, AL with my eyes closed.

I don't even need my GPS at this point. I have certain gas stations I like to stop at if I need to and I also have favorite cities to drive through.

Glass half full, never half empty.

Some days being in a LDR just sucks. There are some days we miss each other's calls, we are too busy to text, etc. It is so easy to throw in the towel immediately when things get hard, but what helps me is visualizing the end goal. Yes, it sucks right now being apart, but there are so many upsides. I get to experience a new city, the city's culture, and have a home away from home.

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