What Are The Infinity Stones?

Let's talk about the Infinity Stones for a moment.

Marvel recently came out with what is probably their best superhero movie in all of 2018: Infinity War. (Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, please do.)

In it, a brutal titan, named Thanos, is searching for a powerful artifact called the Infinity Stones that have been hinted at throughout several of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 19 films.

However, for those of you who don’t know the full background to the Infinity Stones prior to and after this movie: here’s a quick guide on the Infinity Stones.

Previously known as the Soul Gems, Reality Gems and Infinity Gems, the Infinity Stones are what is considered the basis of the universe as we know it.

Power, Mind, Reality, Soul, Time, and Space. Individually, these stones are ridiculously powerful. However, in a combined state, the person who wields the stones can basically break all of time, space and reality as we know it. (Freaky, I know.)

The gems, according to The Thanos Quest, come from “a lone, sentient being with unlimited power.” The being was “all that was, and all that was, was it.”

Upon the sentient choosing to end its own life because it was so lonely, the power of the sentient, who we later come to know as Nemesis, was so great, the power ended up reincarnating into what is now known as the Infinity Gems.

What do these Infinity Stones do, exactly?

Each stone, having a different element, gives its wielder complete mastery and control over its desired element.

The Reality Stone can easily be considered the most powerful of them all. It can be seen as the wishing stone as well, since the one who possesses it can essentially make any wish come true. Completely ignoring any scientific explanations, anything the user desires can become a reality.

The Space Stone gives the user the power to rearrange space to their heart's desire. The user can essentially be anywhere they want to be in the galaxy, giving them access to portals all over.

The Mind Stone can give the user all sorts of mental abilities, including telekinesis. By using the Mind Stone, the user can read everyone and everything's mind, from knowing all their secrets and desires to everything in-between.

The Time Stone is more or less explained by its name. The person who wields the Time Stone can go back in time to any period that they choose, and they can also go forward in time as well as reverse time as they see fit. Did I also mention that it can invoke different realms?

The Power Stone can access any and all energy that exists. When combined with any of the other Infinity Stones, their power increases tenfold.

While the Reality Stone is considered the most powerful stone of all, the Soul Stone can easily be considered the most dangerous stone within the six. By using this stone, the wielder can not only steal and manipulate souls, but they don't necessarily have to be living. That's right, they can steal and manipulate souls of the dead as well. (Super creepy.)

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