What Does Your American Girl Doll Say About You?
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What Does Your American Girl Doll Say About You?

What Does Your American Girl Doll Say About You?

Throwback to when the American Girl dolls were actually great. The time when you knew damn well that when you went to that American Girl store that your girl Molly would be there. When every month you would get a fresh catalog in the mail endlessly flipping through it picking which Doll and accessories you wanted. Being raised with two brothers I always wanted that one true friend, and on Christmas morning I got that friend. Nothing was like that moment when you opened that red and white box seeing your American girl doll. When you lifted her out of her box and her eyes opened your life changed forever.

Picking your American Girl Doll is like picking your sorority, you look at all of them liking them all in their own way, but in reality you know there was only one for you. You can tell a lot about a person by which American Girl doll they had. Some pick their doll because of their looks, their story, or their super cool accessories. For me I picked her for so many reasons but looking back the reasons seem very clear.

Before I got my doll I would look through the catalogs wondering why none of the dolls looked like me. Until 2000 they released a doll with pale skin, freckles, and short blonde hair. Speaking of course that Dolls name was Kit Kittredge. Kit Kittredge was my one and only. I see a lot of myself in Kit like many girls see themselves in their American Girl Dolls. Thus leads into what does your American Girl say about you.

Samantha Parkington

Samantha was one of the first three American Girl dolls who represented the early 20th century. Because of that she had the most accessories and therefore was a favorite for most young girls. Not only did she have the best accessories she was beautiful with her long brown hair. Samantha had a rough side to her and she was very bold and mischievous. But than again she was very compassionate and kind to others. When people tell me they had Samantha I can see it. Girls that had Samantha were really giving and adventurous people. They were very dainty girls that loved to have tea parties with their dolls and dress them up.

Molly Mclintire

Molly like Samantha was the original three who represented the World War Two Era. Molly is the girl that loves to get attention from others and is great at doing everything. She was often the ringleader when she and her friends made plans. Although she is the center of attention molly struggled with looks later in her series making molly a relatable girl. Molly also wasn’t a follower she was an awesome leader. To me the girls that had molly are the girls that are probably engaged to their first boyfriend and you aren’t mad about it at all. They’re the girls that are so sweet and lively that make your days better. Here’s to you Molly’s because you are the definition of the American Girls.

Kirsten Larson

Kirsten was the last of the Original three who represented the Pioneer Era. Kirsten was very shy and never felt like she ever belonged. She was also very into animals and loved her family. The girls that had Kirsten were the ones that were brave and hyper as a child. They are sweet and true friends. Every time someone tells me they had Kirsten I’m not at all surprised because there is a special kind of girl that had Kirsten, they were the sensitive girls and the girls that didn’t care that their American Girl doll had the worst accessories because they loved them unconditionally. Shout out to all the Kirsten’s of the world because you know that when those braids came out of her hair that there was no going back.

Felicity Merriman

Felicity was the fourth American Girl who represented the Revolutionary War Period. She was the independent and headstrong one. At times she was very tomboy and refused to do ladylike things. When felicity wanted something she found a way to get it. The felicities of the world are the very stubborn and impatient girls that you met on the playground. They are often the only girl in their family, or the oldest and very often the horse girl’s of this world. It was hard being a felicity owner because they always discontinued her leaving you crushed.

Addy Walker

Addy walker was my girl. She was the American Girl who literally over came slavery during the Civil War. Addy was very brave, loving and thoughtful. Her spirit was as uncontrollable as her hair. She always questioned the status quo. The girls that had Addy were the hipsters of this world. They didn’t want a typical white American Girl Doll, they had to be different and have the only African American Girl. If you had Addy you are probably a good storyteller and easily make friends. The girls that had Addy are the class presidents, the History majors and English majors.

Josefina Montoya

Josefina was the doll that everyone wanted, but they never really got. She was the Sexi Mexi one. She was artistic and talented. The girls that had Josefina are the ones who took your boyfriend in High School but your strangely okay with it because the Josefina’s are flawless.

Kit Kittredge

Kit Kittredge was the seventh released American Girl who represented the Great Depression Era. If you were born in 1994-1996 Kit was your girl. A lot of people had Kit because she came out in 2000 right when people our age started getting into them. The girls that had Kit were our tomboys and our feminist of this world. Kit hated pink, which is ironic because she comes in a freaking pink outfit. The girls that had Kit are the girls whose whole friend group is men. Kit likes to do things on her own and is very thrifty. If you had Kit you are the girl that most people want to hangout with because Kit is the Shit.


Kaya was the first Native American, American Girl. Kaya was probably the worst American Girl. If you had Kaya it was probably a mistake when you opened that box on Christmas morning. But for the girls that really wanted Kaya you are probably very kind and outdoorsy girls. You know that that Tipi was the shit and haters gonna hate because Kaya is your girl.

Made Your Own Doll

The make you own dolls are you basic girls in the world. If you had a made your own I’m silently judging. If you had a made your own its probably sitting in the back of your closet unclothed and untouched because you really don’t care about her at all.

The Girls That Had Every American Girl Doll

The girls that had all of them were the spoiled girls of this world. It sounds bad because, it is bad to have all of them. Having all of them takes away your appreciation for your dolls. We all know that one girl who had them all and you secretly hate them because we all wanted them all.

You can tell a lot about a person by which doll they had. For many young girls out there, American Girl was your childhood. If you didn’t have an American Girl I feel sorry because you can’t join in the debate over which American Girl you had. American Girls have gone down in past years and it’s sad to think about that most of your favorite friends have been discontinued or revamped into a stranger wearing a green dress. All I have to say American Girl store is cut the shit and bring back all the original girls with their original collections and maybe you will start making some money. Literally don’t get rid of Molly like that. The originals worked on us, we bought and loved them as our own. Why can’t the originals work on young girls today?

American Girls Today

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