Welcome to life in a dorm. The multiple rooms of home are gone and you are now expected to live in a closet with a stranger. It sounds like a cave, but it will actually be your little nest on campus. Before you brave the lists found everywhere on the internet, be honest with yourself. When you bring a blender to college, you feel compelled to use it. When you feel compelled to use it, you wake up your roommate.

When you wake up your roommate, they get passive-aggressive. When they get passive-aggressive, they hide your stuff. When they hide your stuff, you find all of your clothes on the Ben Franklin statue. Don't find all of your clothes on the Ben Franklin statue. Pack smart for college with these essentials.

1. Boyfriend pillow.

Whether you are a clean freak or a slob, your room is going to end up messier than you want it at some point this year. Don't lose the ability to get work done and eat in your room. With this little pillow, your bed can serve as a home office, theater and dining room.

2. Fridge with a freezer.

No, that little freezer drawer thing doesn't count. It needs to be a legitimate freezer with its own door. No exceptions. At Rollins, Ben & Jerry's is on the meal plan. Trust me, it's better frozen.

3. Microwave.

Leftover night is a great way to make your meal plan money last to the end of the term.

4. At least one good mug.

A good mug is comfortable in your hand, microwavable and easy to clean. Good for noodles, coffee, tea and basically any food you want to carry around.

5. Decorations.

A year may not sound like a long time, but white walls can make anyone claustrophobic. Make it homey; make it something you're proud of.

6. An extra set of sheets.

Your packing list will say Twin XL and guess what? The Twin XL from Target fits great! They usually have a set for around $20. Pockets on the side are definitely a bonus.

7. Memory foam mattress topper.

Go for it! This is the best investment you can possibly make. I bought three inches of memory foam for around $60 on Amazon, and it is magical. I didn't bother with a mattress protector and did not have a problem. Honestly, my bed at school is more comfortable than my one at home.

I consider these essentials to be self-evident as all packing lists are created with equal intent. This is a good start to a happy, comfortable year. Add some things or leave some out. The real name of the game is customization.