Review- West Virginia 101: Dummies Guide to WV Slang

It's safe to say that if you're from West Virginia, you were raised a certain way. Have any friends that don't understand your Almost Heaven slang? Send them this article.

Go grab a... buggy

Rule #1: We shop at Walmart and Kroger. And those things you call "shopping cart" is a buggy to us country folk.

Nothing tastes better than... pepperoni rolls

You can't these anywhere else in the country- wanna know why? WV is pretty awesome.

Supper is ready

This means you better get inside and wash your hands or else you aren't eating dinner tonight.

I'm just... poking fun

This is how you explain to someone that you are just joking around when you say something mean.

Example: "That deer ain't nowhere big enough to eat." You would then say you are poking fun... unless you are in fact not poking fun.

You get sink water from a.... spicket

Faucet? Don't know her.

Pull up your.... britches

It's simple. Your pants are sagging.

While there are many more terms and phrases that could be added to this; I felt this was a good crash course to start with. Remember, we are different. And that's okay.

We may get buckwild, but it takes a special type of person to do it with a little bit of West Virginia style.

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