My Embarrassing Hockey Story

My family loves to buy season tickets to support our Lehigh Valley Phantoms, our local AHL hockey team.

The game was exciting, we faced the Hershey Bears, our biggest rival.

Third quarter. Players skating inside the rink, bodies slamming into each other, sticks and skates gliding across the ice, puck flying. Fans cheering, screaming "FIGHT!" and "KILL THE BEAR!" A sea of orange awaiting something exciting to happen.

These hockey games were pretty popular among people from around my area. That's why it was no surprise to see people I knew there. Two hands wave at me from a few rows below me in the stands. I walk down and say hello, they were two girls I knew from my high school.

After a few minutes talking to them, I say goodbye and start to head back up to my seat with my family. Next thing I know, my feet slide out from under me and my hands smack the concrete. I just fell up the stairs.

I hear people laughing and I start to turn away from them, and that's when I see it… I'm on the big screen. They cut me off really quick as they assumed it was embarrassing, and they were right. I scurry up to my seat, and I say to my parents "We need to go…now!" My face was all red and I did not want any other people laughing at me or asking if I was okay.

We made it to the car, and I successfully survived the most embarrassing moment of my life, to date.

Now, in current times, I am forever "that girl who fell up the stairs on the big screen at the hockey game," or whatever else people want to call me. But hey, it was funny, and it's over now. I bet I'm even kind of famous at the arena now, which is awesome!

Moral of the story: No matter how many times you fall (literally), there's always room to look at anything positive light or joke about what might have happened.

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