5 Resources Every New UF Student Should Take Advantage Of

5 Resources Every New UF Student Should Take Advantage Of

UF offers many resources to its students.

Dear new students to UF,

First of all, congratulations. Congratulations on being accepted and choosing to go to the best school in the nation. Now that you are here, you are a part of the gator nation and that will follow you wherever you go.

As you are getting ready to move into your residence hall, whether it be in Broward Hall or Lakeside Area or any hall in between, the resident assistants are also getting ready for you. We have been here - training and preparing our halls for your arrival. And we can't wait to meet you.

Whether you are a local Gainesville resident or you're moving here from another state or even country, the transition from high school to college can be tough. But we're here to help! We have all of the resources that you could ever think of.

For example:

U Matter, We Care.

U Matter, We Care is an initiative by the Dean of Students Office which provides students in distress with support. You can find them on the 3rd floor of Peabody Hall. They have several areas of specialization: reporting and addressing bias incidents; educating about sexual violence and assisting victims; and education and support for those suffering with substance abuse.

Counseling and Wellness Center

The UF Counseling and Wellness Center is located on Radio Road near Lakeside. They offer free services such as: individual counseling; suicide prevention and awareness; emergency assistance; and many more self-help services. Do not be afraid to contact them about yourself or another student you see in crisis. Phone: (352)-392-1575

Broward Teaching Center

The Broward Teaching Center offers FREE help with major classes, including General Chemistry, Calculus I-III, Physics, and Statistics. They also have a writing lab to help with papers, help with study skills and study groups. Their schedule is posted at www.teachingcenter.ufl.edu once the semester starts.

Field and Fork

The Field and Fork Pantry assists students, faculty, and staff experiencing food insecurity. They are located at 520 Newell Drive, by McCarty C and the Reitz Union. Anyone in need may stop y and collect enough food for three days.

Should there be a greater need, staff can give information about other resources and assistance. Field and Fork is always looking for donations, especially of grains such as rice or pasta and proteins such as canned tuna or beans.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center educates students about their rights and assists in getting accommodations for those who need it. Examples: professors require notification from the DRC that students need extra time on exams; permission to use audio recording in lectures or a note taker; educational or lab assistant. They are located in Reid Hall. Their phone number is (352)-392-8565. Email: accessuf@dso.ufl.edu

There are so many resources that the University of Florida offers its students. These are just a few to be familiar with.

As a resident assistant, we are here to be resources for all of our residents. If you or someone who know is in a situation and doesn't know what to do, you can reach out to us for help and direction. We care about each and every resident and want everyone to succeed.

Cover Image Credit: U Matter

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Teaching Is An Amazing Career, It's More Powerful Than We Give It Credit For

Teaching is a career that is heavily overlooked — it is much more powerful than people realize.


When it comes to teaching, it's not always easy or fun. But, let me ask you this: what career really is easy or fun all the time? Being challenged can beneficial. Otherwise, you are just going through the same routine over and over. Teaching will definitely keep you on your toes because there's always something happening.

People seem to think teachers just lecture on information that they hope their students remember for the test. You know what? Those people are dead wrong. Teaching is more than that. Teaching means having the passion and drive to educate children. Teaching is turning something dull to something that students will find more interesting and enjoyable.

Teaching is also about providing tools and other resources for students in order for them to succeed, especially the ones who tend to struggle in school. Being able to give those tools to help them accomplish their goals is extremely rewarding. A teacher will work with a student who is behind on his/her reading skills to have him/her be right at the level he/she needs to be by the end of the school year. Not many jobs provide a reward quite like guiding a student, if not more, to success.

Although it focuses on academics, teaching is not just about that. Sure, being an effective teacher is key, but there are other aspects that are just as significant. As a teacher, you also have to connect with your students. Knowing your students on a personal level is so important. The connection can build respect that will, in turn, help them to succeed. Plus, students spend more time with you on a day-to-day basis than they do with their parents — isn't that frightening? So, you have to be able to support them and let them know them that you are there for them if they are having trouble.

Additionally, that connection you build with your students can last a lifetime. You can witness the growth of a student right in front of you. In fact, I am still very close with some of my teachers from elementary school. Many of them inspired me to become a teacher. Because of those great bonds I built, I had the opportunity to intern with some of my past teachers, which was a rewarding experience for everyone. Being able to develop such a connection with someone so different in age is something that is so powerful and that doesn't come with many other careers.

Teaching is so amazing. There are so many layers and beautiful aspects to it. Again, it can be difficult, but it's also a lot of fun. Not many people can say they have fun and laugh every day at work. I also truly believe that not many other people can say their careers provide as rewarding of a feeling as teaching does. To be able to make such a difference in someone's life is an incredible thing. Teaching is my passion. I know teaching will not be only gratifying but something that will bring me pure joy.

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