The Weeks Following Midterms

Congratulations! You have successfully made it through half of the semester. Those midterms you were studying so hard for are now over. For many, it's sigh of (temporary) relief. We've made it this far but still have so much farther to go. The small break you told yourself you earned starts to creep in and suddenly you're over your head in assignments and material study.

You may have said "oh I'll take the weekend off no big deal", until you remembered your semester project outline is due and you haven't started. Or that the next exam is only two weeks away and you skipped the last two lectures. Now here you are three steps forward two steps back because of it.

It's ok to take a breather for a moment, to clear your mind from your studies and have some time for yourself, you just have to be smart about. You can watch an episode of Netflix for every two pages you write of that report. Or you can take a 15 minute nap break for every hour you spend reading. Do whatever you'd really like to do as a reward forgetting done what you really don't want too.

Morale of the story, you can still take some time to yourself and do things you enjoy, just remember we're halfway done but still have the other half to go. In the race to end it's a marathon not a sprint, so pace yourself and you will survive and you will thrive this last half of the semester.

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