A Week Without A Phone
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A Week Without A Phone

I learned how much I relied on a tiny screen

A Week Without A Phone

In a blink of an eye I lost my phone and within one week I nearly lost everything. I lost my phone but in the process I lost contacts, alarms, navigating, relationships (temporarily), and freedom. We have all this freedom that phones give us and without them, we become lost.

We are first-world people don't realize how crucial life without phones is. We abuse them, forget how important they actually are, and are always wanting a better one as if the one we have currently is not good enough. I went a whole week without a phone, involuntarily. First off, I would like to say that I try to take care of my phone but accidents happen and I am only human. Secondly, Virginia waters love my phone too much and I now have a great dislike for that state and the state up north(you know who you are).

I wouldn't have called myself a phone person two weeks ago. I hated phones and most things connected to phones. I repelled texting, playing games, and having to carry around a phone but I did. I didn't like having my phone but it was a necessity. Without a phone, I lost contact with my family. As a girl in another state who talking to a member of her family at least once a day, if not more, you become aware of the lost of connection. Not just with your family but with the whole world. No Facebook, Instagram, texting or snap chat. Nothing until I logged onto my laptop which is only beneficial with WiFi. You also lose navigating. I recently moved to a new city and with that I am still finding my away around. I can comfortably make it from home to work and vice-versa. Nothing more, nothing less. I wanted to meet my church for a midweek and in my head, I know it takes 7 minutes and only 2 turns are made, pretty straight. At least in my head it made sense. Needless to say, I became lost and had to figure out how to get back to my work location to get back home. I also just missed holding a phone. I never really liked it but you indistinctly go to grab it when leaving and then realize you don't have one. It is this eerie feeling.

We are so dependent on phones. Almost everything is on a phone or in an application. Without my phone I needed to borrow a navigation system, an alarm clock, find my Starbucks card(it is crucial), get a bible, and have a constant supply of WiFi to work my laptop. I was weird not having it. I realized quickly how much of my life was on my phone.

I have since then gotten a new phone. It is extremely nice. I but updating and logging into things is annoying but would rather log into 70 applications than go another day without a phone.

*Note: Please do not try it. We are too first-world to go without a phone of any kind.

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