9 Websites That Will Throw You Back To 2008
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9 Websites That Will Throw You Back To 2008

The nostalgia is so real

9 Websites That Will Throw You Back To 2008
Photo Credit: Christina Billie

Think back to 2008. 11 years ago. When you would log onto your desktop computer, what websites were your favorite icons to click? Some of my friends and I decided to discuss this the other day, and I got thrown back when different sites started coming back to me. Here are 9 websites that will definitely throw you back to 2008.

1. Club Penguin


One of the most popular websites to go on back in 2008 was the one and only Club Penguin. You were really cool if you had the Club Penguin Membership, where you could get Puffles, fun outfits, and only the coolest igloo out of all your friends. Even though the website shut down in 2017, it's very much missed by the teenagers who used to play it over ten years ago. This was my favorite website to go on in 2008, especially to play games like Card Jitsu and Pizzatron 3000.

2. Cool Math Games

Choice Schools

Cool Math Games was one of those websites that teachers encouraged you to go on at school. It had educational, but very entertaining, games that children could play. There's plenty of games involving logic, numbers, strategies, and more, and it's still up and running today!

3. Poptropica


Poptropica was a game everyone I knew got into as a kid. I didn't play it very much, as I was more focused on my Club Penguin coins and Webkinz count, but it was a good alternative when I wanted to switch things up a little bit. Out of all the times I've played Poptropica, I've never won a single game. I've always gotten stuck in the beginning or in the middle!

4. Webkinz


Webkinz was my all time favorite website from 2006 to around 2010. When I say I was obsessed with Webkinz, I mean I was obsessed obsessed. I had roughly 30 of the toys, and I would cry when their health would get below 75%. I wish I were making this up.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my older cousin helped me save my one Webkinz's (named Cotton Candy) life by taking her to Dr. Quack and feeding her. I was bawling my eyes out while all of this was occurring, and I wouldn't stop until I knew she was healthy. Again, I wish I were making this up.

5. Girls Go Games


Girls Go Games was one of my favorite websites that my friend showed me around 2007. You could play dress up and makeup games on the website, and it sure did keep me entertained! It was like an online version of playing with Barbie dolls!

6. Miniclip


Miniclip was an awesome website that I discovered back in the day, and one of my favorite games on the site was Fire Boy and Water Girl. It was a bit difficult for me because it involved using letters on the left side of the keyboard and the arrows on the right side, and I'm not the best with hand-eye coordination. It was a very fun game though, and one of the best games on the site.

7. Moshi Monsters


My brother and I found this game, and it was addicting. Moshi Monsters was almost like Webkinz, where you had to take care of your monster, play games to earn "Rox" (Moshi world money) and take it to other places around the Moshi Monster world.

8. Toon Town

Nerd Bacon

Toon Town was an addicting game that we used to play with our friends after school. Getting on the computer and racing to see who could get the most Laff Points was such an adrenaline rush for us kids in 2008.

9. Disney Channel Games


Specifically, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody game on Disney's website. Sneaking around the Tipton Hotel throughout this game was one of the best parts of 2008.

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