We Were So Much Younger Yesterday
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We Were So Much Younger Yesterday

Descendants of none living in a kingdom where nothing grows

Kerri Caldwell

We were so much younger yesterday, hanging by a moment we didn't know would define who we are to each other. Our hearts were a little clearer and we thought that the stars would map out a path for us. Starving and tired made us feel alive and I could tell by the way you did things to my heart, by the way your eyes answered the question in my smiles. We were made of curiosity, wishing wells and streetlamps, pressed flowers, mixtapes and feeling like royalty.

It never bothered me that you were the king of nothing as long as you called me your queen.

But now we're desperately stealing shards of sunlight to see if tomorrow is even still coming. Forgetting that very sad days never last as long as very happy days. Made of all the things we didn't know would be the nostalgia that brings us to our knees. There used to be a sturdiness about us that life has weakened to sheets of paper, each denial adding fuel to a fire we hope will end our damage and the singe of things left unsaid.

And so, dearly beloved, we make plans and life makes problems for better, for worse, everything about us a blessing and a curse. The first to flower is the first to fall and now we're taking turns drowning in the aftermath of facing our defeat, our lives the shell of something lethal.

And I would trade all of our tomorrows for clumsy fingers and mouths again, back when we thought we knew what love was. Before trials and tribulations left us typing messages in capital letters with mismatched breaths, bottling up poison and bleeding them into deadly whispers. We used to be easy smiles and midnight conversations, full of sin that erupted from our bones and settled in our eyes, clouding judgement and suspending the fall we never cared was coming. Boundaries made out of passion and blissful ignorance replaced with analytic eyes.

In moments of grief I wonder what god did we anger to deserve this

In moments of hate I leave someone else to clean up my messes

In moments of anger I believe we'll always be on the wrong side of rock bottom

And when the moments hit just right I realize that there are other ways to share a life

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