A week ago, a lot of Americans lost hope in their country.

I woke up that morning with tears streaming down my face because things could potentially change across our country. I was not crying for myself, although I am a woman. I was crying for my LGBTQ, Muslim, Latino/a, and African American friends. I was crying because their rights could be taken away from them.

I sat with my roommate and we cried that day. We cried for her future students. We cried for my future clients. We cried because even though we are white and heterosexual, the majority of the people we will serve are not, therefore we felt helpless.

I was crying because the times ahead are scary.

I am not scared because of our new president. I am scared because of his supporters and non-supporters. I am scared because of the hate this could bring our country. I am scared of the divide we might put between us.

But I believe that if we stand together, support each other, and LOVE our country, we will be okay. Eventually, everything will be okay.

We're all on the same ship, so we must stand together. We must protect one another.

We must fight for our rights as human beings. We must support our friends who are of minority, LGBTQ, disabled, Muslim, African American, Latino/a, and/or women.

We must fight to make sure their voices are heard. We must have hope in tomorrow, in 2 months, and in the next four years.

It's okay to be scared, but stand together, love each other, and pray for the best.

America, I still love you. Don't lose hope.