Everyone has their favorite social media they use, my poison of choice is Snapchat. I find myself tapping on those tiles to see what my friends are doing, as one typically does, and to read the articles in the news tiles. One article caught my attention. The author asked when did our generation become boring. Curious, I read it.

I think we have different definitions of boring.

Or maybe we have the same idea of what is a good time.

The author of the article explained how she preferred to stay in on a Friday night. She'd rather hang out with her cat or read a book. She felt that she was always telling her friends no to plans. There was a no FOMO, but rather, JOMO (joy of missing out). These decisions made her boring.

Her idea of a good time did not sound boring to me. Now I may be biased because I like to stay in and read books. I like to watch movies and might even silently rejoice when plans I didn't want to go to anyway are canceled. However, I also love dancing and going out with my friends. I like to socialize and have deep conversations. I like to go to concerts and try new restaurants, too.

The fact that she used the word boring to describe many of the activities she enjoys and activities that many people in our generation like to do creates an image of bleak comparison. Boring is not having hobbies. Boring is only studying all the time. Boring is having nothing interesting to do or say. Her Friday night plans differed from other "typical" Friday night plans. Plans that would be described as "wild" or "fun."

As more young people opt to stay in or have alternative weekend plans, they have been seen as boring or "safe." There's no spontaneous decision making or questionable plans. Some of it is attributed to going out on the weekend is now seen as redundant and can be expensive. Sometimes the week has been too exhausting. Other times people are just introverts and want to stay home. People have different ideas of fun. Partying isn't the only way and neither is watching Netflix. A whole generation shouldn't be dubbed boring because they enjoy different things.

Don't worry about if the world is telling you that you have boring Friday night plans. Don't force yourself to go out because that is what is supposed to happen on a weekend. Make different plans. Make random plans. Don't even make plans. Just don't say you are boring or what you do is boring. It's not.

We are not the boring generation.