We Are Not Babysitters
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We Are Not Babysitters

So, Stop Calling Us That

We Are Not Babysitters

Yes, daycares are places where you drop your child off to be watched by child care providers, but it's so much more than that. So, stop calling us babysitters because we do way more than what a babysitter does. I'm not knocking down babysitters at all. I was a babysitter during my teen years. Babysitters are important, and they are needed. There is a difference though between babysitters and daycare providers.

I work at a daycare, and I can tell you that my job is more than just watching some children.

First, I give them first aid when they need it, and I am there for them when they are sad, mad, happy, and excited. When they are fighting, I am the peacemaker. If they need to break, we give them a break, and know when they need one. We are there for a child who is sick until their parents can come pick them up. We have to change diapers and wipe running noses.

Not only that, but I make lesson plans for every single week that include math, science, art, language arts, social studies, social/emotional, a daily topic, a weekly theme, and a book. I do a monthly newsletter, and email parents when needed.

I make sure the room is cleaned and organized. I do dishes. I help feed the children for lunch and snack. I don't work when they have breakfast, but people are there to give the children who are there breakfast as well. We keep track of which children eats what, and make sure that they don't get the food that they can't have.

If they have medicine to take, we make sure that they take it at the time that they are supposed to, and at the dose that they are prescribed.

We work year-round. We don't have winter breaks or summers off. We have a few holidays off, and a couple days here there. Overall, we don't have the extended weeks at a time off though.

While a babysitter typically watches a couple children at the home of their family, child care providers on average have to take care of anywhere from eight children to twenty at one time. There are usually two teacher's per room with the children. We not only have to work with children, but we work with another teacher in the same classroom as well as other teachers throughout the daycare.

Just like babysitters and teachers at schools are important, our job is important too. We care about the children we have. We want what is best for our children. We want them to learn, have fun, and be the best child they can be. I like my job. While it has it's ups and downs, I know that it's worth it in the end.

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