Have you seen the royal wedding? If you haven't, I'm pretty sure you heard about it.

The problem that has been rising on the internet is the fact that people are comparing how people bashed childish Gambino for dating outside of his "race" but they were bashing the bride and prince for their marriage. For the internet, to be bashing people because of who they fell in love with makes me always remember that there is so much in the world that divides us.

I feel like nowadays, everyone focuses on the differences between each other but never look at the similarities. I feel like as humans, we always look for things that make a person different from us and most times when this happens it is usually something that they are doing wrong. For example, people often compare weight between one another. A person may belittle another simply because they are "overweight."

In my opinion, I feel like us focusing on "race" is the biggest problem because, technically speaking, the way that we identify race is not correct. What I mean by this is what we consider to be a race is not correct. For example, we consider a being black as a race when in actuality, there is only one race, which is the human race. a person is black, white or anything else was created to make others feel inferior and to create division.

When people start to realize that most words that were created were done so with the purpose to cause separation, then people will start to understand why we are not all so different after all. In turn, this will allow us as humans to have compassion for one another.

Therefore, I feel like, as one race, our biggest focus should be changing our way of thinking to understand each other instead of criticizing one another.