The closer it gets to Halloween, the spookier and darker everyone's interests and hobbies seem to get. However, there's one topic that never seems to fail to grab the attention of everyone when they turn on the news and that's murder. The weirder and more psychotic the reason the better. Charles Manson and the Zodiac killers are household names. Televised murder trials always get record high views. The whole channel of ID is dedicated to true crime stories all day every day. We love murder.

Like many others, I love to binge watch all of the Netflix true crime documentaries and listen to podcasts like "My Favorite Murder" while at work to get my fix on true crime. How does it all start though? I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't enjoy true crime. From the youngest of age, I remember passing by the living room and seeing my mom watching "Dateline" or "Unsolved Mysteries" and immediately being entranced. "Criminal Minds", "CSI", "Bones", "NCIS", "Law & Order", they all become my favorite shows. Mystery books flooded my bookshelf, and whenever there was a hot new case on the news I'd watch it like a hawk.

To me, and others I have spoken with, the fascination comes from the empathy we give to the victims and their families, trying to understand how they deal with the tragedy, but also from the curiosity of the murderer. What made them do it? What were they thinking? Did something in their life turn them into a murderer, or were they born one? Is a human being really capable of such evil? Well, yes they are. And we want to find out why.

Serial killers become somewhat celebrities in America, gaining fame and fans from all over the country. Those that weren't put to death get fan mail and marry woman while in jail. Movies are made, books are written, music is released. Charles Manson, probably the most famous serial killer in America, is thought to have started his wild rampage because of his music being turned down one too many times. Now you can find his music all over YouTube and look at his paintings on the internet. Ted Bundy was married DURING his murder trials, and later named the father of Carol Anne Boone's child. He was known all over as the charming, handsome man. Women stood outside the courtroom swooning over his good looks. The fact that he raped and murdered multiple women seemed to not phase those outside.

I don't want to marry a serial killer, and I don't think I could ever get passed their actions to call one of them hot, but I do share the same fascination with True Crime that many others in this country share. I am curious to know, which one is your favorite?