5 Ways To Travel As A Young Adult
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5 Ways To Travel As A Young Adult

There are more ways than one.

5 Ways To Travel As A Young Adult
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Traveling seems more accessible than ever today. We have cars that let us explore nearby locations, trains that race us to different states, and planes that fly us to exotic countries. Technology has united international friends and provided us with easy access on how to make trips safe and fun. There are so many social media bloggers that highlight the vagabond lifestyle that constant travel seems to be a quickening trend and norm in society. That is, until I arrive home from one of my own adventures, and am bombarded with questions on how a young adult can be constantly living out of a suitcase.

I’ve heard some really interesting theories and a lot of voices asking how they can do the same. I think one of the most important things to know is that there is a difference between being a traveler and being a tourist. If you’re seeking endless relaxing vacations in luxury hotels than you’re probably leaning towards a tourist lifestyle and buying a little too much into internet travel fantasies. That’s probably also why you’re always questioning how people can afford to travel so often. If you’re looking to be emerged in a country, learn about cultures, meet new people, and not always live out of a rolling suitcase than there are plenty of options that are affordable and exciting.

Travel Programs

One of the most rewarding travel experiences I’ve had was taking a gap year and doing a travel program. There are so many out there that allow you to travel with a group, learn about culture, and do community service. My personal preference is Up with People (although I’m probably biased), but you can also check out Rustic Pathways, Contiki, and G Adventures. These programs can cost money, but offer decent scholarships.

Travel Jobs

Travel blogging is not the only way to get paid to roam the world. There are plenty of jobs on cruise lines, commercial airplanes, with au pair or tour guide companies, and teaching English. These of course may not seem as glamorous as photo shoots and personal websites, but if seeing the world is what’s important to you than these options are just as fulfilling.

Study Abroad

The chances that your college offers study abroad programs is high. There is also a huge chance that your tuition will cover the main portion of living arrangements and classes. That leaves only airfare, food, and activities to cover and with a good budget this can be a manageable goal. I know that for some student’s credits can be tight compared to how much time they have to finish, but don’t be afraid to go to international affairs and ask if they can make something work! I was a transfer student at my university and was able to go abroad twice in two years!

Budget Trips

Travel can be expensive there is no doubt about it. As a 20-year-old, broke college student the only trip I’ve taken that has involved a hotel is one I managed to score on Groupon. I encourage people to research and visit cheaper locations to save money. Backpack to save the extra money spent on suitcase charges in the airport, stay in hostels, travel off season, don’t buy endless amounts of souvenirs. Set a budget for your activities, food, and lodging and then stick to it!

Couch Surfing

There’s actually an app that connects you to people who will let you sleep on their couch. I’ve never used it and I encourage people to be careful, but my main point is that there are alternative lodging methods that can save money. Couch surfing, hostels, host families. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and see if they have room to spare!

Odd Jobs

There are some opportunities to work at the same time you travel. Hostels often allow you to stay if you help check guests in, manage their books, and clean up living areas. Finding places that offer travelers places to work for a short period of time is golden. Often jobs will be lower wage or service jobs, which won’t make you rich, but will be enough to cover your travel expenses.

Finding ways to travel is not always as glamorous as pictures show. Traveling as a young adult isn’t always as difficult as people think, either. It’s more about looking for the opportunities and adjusting your lifestyle. If you’re willing to do that than you’ll be able to make jet setting work.

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