Unconventional, And Possibly Undesirable, Ways To Save Money As A Broke College Student

Unconventional, And Possibly Undesirable, Ways To Save Money As A Broke College Student

You may or may not want to try these at home - depending on your financial status.


This article is for comedic purposes, but sometimes when my wallet starts looking empty, I feel like I really need to do half of these things...

1. Grab as many condiment and sugar packets as you can when you go out to eat.

Don't leave ANY at your table. At all.

2. When you go around the food court for free samples, switch clothing with your friends and go around again.

They probably won't notice anyway.

3. Before a date, go to Sephora, have them do their free makeover on you.

That $5 in gas is far less expensive than that $12 eyeliner...plus the $10 mascara...plus the $20 eyeshadow...etc.

4. Put your baby siblings in Gerber commercials.

All they have to do is eat, and who doesn't like to do that?

5. Remember to occasionally shout, "It's my money, and I need it now!"

JG Wentworth will hear you eventually.

6. When you go out to eat, ask for water with extra lemons and make lemonade.

You can even add sugar to it, since the sugar packets are free!

7. Use Canadian coins at soda machines.

The machine can't tell the currency difference, only the size.

8. Put a timer for 10 minutes to spend at the grocery store.

You have to only get what you need and leave. No getting side tracked and buying things you don't need!

9. Stand around Best Buy for a couple of hours to watch one of their sample movies.

They always have relatively new movies on too!

10. Go to any and every school event.

It really makes you look like a leader in your college's community, and you get free food.

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