In honor of Earth Day, I have been inspired to share some small things we as humans can do for our beautiful home. These small things can add up to really big changes.

So, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, doing your part can make a huge difference in the long run.

1. Skipping out on straws

*insert your eye roll* I know, I know, you have heard this way too much lately, but if we could actually skip out on straws or use ones that are reusable it would be good for the environment and our wildlife.

2. Choosing paper over plastic

When going to a grocery store or any places requiring you to carry items in a bag, opt for a paper option instead of plastic. Paper breaks down much quicker than plastic does.

3. Reuse, reuse, reuse

Anything that you can reuse multiple times, or indefinitely, is a much better option than something that is disposable. Less waste.

4. Cleaning up you local parks, roadways. rivers and oceans

Grab a couple friends and head out to your local pubic places. Less trash on the streets is less trash in the ocean and rivers, and less trash there is less harm to our wildlife.

5. No unnecessary driving

Stop driving if you do not absolutely have to. Look in to other alternatives like biking and walking, carpool with your friends.

6. Swap disposable things for reusable ones

Things like plastic silverware, straws, toothbrushes, ect. are all things that have alternatives that you can reuse over and over and are Eco friendly. Bamboo has been made into eating utensils, toothbrushes, and more. Bamboo is natural and will not harm the environment.

7. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about how they can help

This is an extremely easy thing to do that can have a major impact. Imagine if you got your whole family on board, your family got your neighbors on board, and then you started spreading these habits with your whole neighborhood. That is a whole neighborhood practicing Eco friendly habits and helping preserve this place we call home.

8. Ditch the plastic ware

We all go out to eat and stop by for some fast food. This normally involves a lot of plastic that will take literally forever to breakdown, leading to oceans and animals filled with it. Let the restaurant know you will not need plastic materials for your food and bring your own reusable options.

9. Put down the harsh chemicals

Many chemicals that we use for things such as hair care and pesticides are actually really bad for our environment. These chemicals lead to acid rain, reduction of the ozone layer, and acidification of our water.

10. Stop messing with trees, flowers, and plants in general

I know that your Instagram could really use a boost, but leave our plants out of it if it involves disturbing them. If you are running all over them, chances are they might not grow next time. No flowers, no picture.

11. Do some gardening

The planet gives to us every single day, the least we can do is give back to it. Plant some trees and flowers around where you live or maybe your local park.

12. Fund Eco friendly projects

Instead of funding random things, maybe we should be funding something to improve our way of life and future. If we do not start taking care of things now, then there will not be a future for the Earth.