Nobody likes finals.

It's the time of the quarter that makes you reminisce fondly about your midterms. You're a hundred times more stressed out than usual—it's hell.

Even though nothing can truly take away the stress of finals, there are steps you can take to alleviate some of that worry. By taking a little time out of your day here and there, you can improve your mindset and feel a little better.

So, what do you do?

1. Get Enough Sleep.

Seriously! Your books will be there in the morning. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your success during finals week. If you can't get a full eight hours, that's OK. Just make sure you're actually sleeping, and that you're getting more than two or three hours. But try for eight. You'll feel better.

2. Drink Water.


Everyone knows that caffeine is a college student's best friend, right? Wrong. Putting down that coffee for some water is the best thing you can do for your mind and body during finals week (and all the time, honestly).

3. Meditate.

Meditation is seriously underrated. Taking even ten minutes to meditate and refocus can make your life during finals so much easier. Use a meditation app or watch a YouTube tutorial to help you get started, and give your mind a break.

4. Hit the Gym.


Exercise is commonly recommended as a way to alleviate stress. When you're studying for finals, make sure you take some time to get your endorphins pumping. Spend 30 minutes at the gym, go for a jog, or do a little yoga—just do something. It'll make your mind and body feel better, and give you a break from the books.

5. Write a List.

This might seem silly, but making a list is a good way to stay on track while you study. We all forget about things, so writing a list of everything you need to study will help you prioritize your time. Seeing everything you have to do can help you figure out the most important things, too. This will save you a lot of worries for later.

6. Use Aromatherapy.


Start using aromatherapy to "diffuse" yourself. Spending the money to get a little diffuser and a few oils are worth it, especially since it's a good thing to use every day. Peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass are all recommended, so use those during finals week to help alleviate your stress.

7. Save Some Time for Fun.

Don't forget to save some time for fun. Watch a movie, go to the beach with a friend, or grab dinner with your mom. Studying is important, but so is time away from your notes.

No matter what you do, finals week is stressful. Do what you can to make it a little easier on yourself. Keep your mind and body happy, and get an A on those exams!