A Few Ways That Can Help De-stress College Students
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A Few Ways That Can Help De-stress College Students

Because college students are a overly stressed population of human beings

A Few Ways That Can Help De-stress College Students

College students; we are a very overly stressed population of human beings. Managing school, work, friends, family, and everything in-between can get very difficult and overwhelming. It is very easy to lose your sanity in college. Here’s some ways that can help you get through it and potentially make life a little easier on you.

1. Getting organized

I believe staying organized is one of the most important keys to success in college and life overall. I think keeping a planner is key. I have a planner, a huge whiteboard calendar in my room, and an individual white board for each of my classes, in which I write each assignment I have specifically for that week that I need to complete. Sure, you don’t have to go as overboard as I do. But I believe, staying organized can definitely help relieve some stress. For instance, at the beginning of the semester, I always mark all the important dates in my planner, which include tests, writing assignments due, etc. I find this very helpful because then I can plan in advance for these major assignments, so I can stay on top of everything I have due. With that, it won’t seem as overwhelming when the due dates roll around, since I will be well prepared. Altogether, I believe staying organized can make life easier on college students.

2. Cleaning

Sounds lame, but having a clean room or even just a bed that's made can be very helpful. Put on your favorite playlist and get to cleaning, this will help you feel more organized and feel better all together.

3. Netflix

Netflix is necessary. Yes, I am saying Netflix is necessary. It’s great to unwind and de-stress and watch an episode of your favorite TV show from time to time, especially when life is getting overwhelming and stressful.

4. Get Outside

Taking walks outside can be very relaxing. Even if it’s just a 10 minute walk outside on a break you have between your classes. It’s great to get some fresh air.

5. Meet Up With A Friend And Get A Bite To Eat

One of my favorite ways to destress, includes catching up with one of my good friends and grabbing a bite to eat, which in my case is usually pickle pizza. It’s extremely delicious by the way, if you were wondering! By meeting up with a friend, you will be able to relax and feel at ease.

6. Treat Yourself

Pamper yourself! Get your nails down, get a massage, or buy that shirt you’ve been dying to buy. Having "me" time is always necessary and will always help you feel better in times of stress.

Altogether, managing college academics and everything else you have going on in your life can be very overwhelming, which is why I think it's important to try to make things a little easier on yourself, to avoid unnecessary stress overall.

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