12 Steps To Prepare For The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale
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12 Steps To Prepare For The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale

Winter is here.

12 Steps To Prepare For The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale

'Tis the season for revealed plot line outcomes and horrible, violent character deaths. If you've been keeping up with this season of "Game of Thrones," you know that it's time for the most anticipated and dreaded event of the season: the finale. You probably also know that the episode is titled "The Winds of Winter," the same name as the notorious sixth book in the series that has yet to make its debut. With White Walkers on the way and several, season-long plot lines that need to come to a head, your nerves are probably wrecked with fear and excitement. You need a game plan to deal with all of the inevitable emotion that's going to ensue; here are some steps that can help with you prepare.

1. Realize that the season finale is going to be brutal because the last two episodes have been too good.

Arya Stark going home? Sansa watching Ramsey getting eaten alive by dogs? Basically all of your favorite characters survive a devastating battle? Probably means that you're going to cry next week.

2. Watch the trailer 10 times to try and figure out what's going to happen/ become even more confused.

3. Find an emotional support system.

You most likely already have one of these; but just in case, make sure you have someone (or crowds of people) to watch the show with. Remember, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

4. Discuss or research different theories and place bets on who is going to die in the episode.

With an episode title like "The Winds of Winter," there is definitely a lot to theorize.

5. Buy tissue boxes in bulk.

You're going to need them. I suggest Costco or BJ's.

6. Find a room to watch where you can scream without people getting annoyed with you.

Preferably with those people screaming with you.

7. Claim space on the couch to jump on.

When major plot points happen, you're most likely going to leap from your seat and/or run around the room in a panic. Just make sure that you don't injure anyone in the process.

8. Prepare for the inevitable death of several of your favorite characters.

I really hate to say this, but it's going to happen. We've just been too lucky. Someone is going down, and you need to emotionally come to terms with the fact that part of your soul is going to die.

9. Make snacks.

If part of your soul is going to die, it might as well die while you're eating chips and guacamole.

10. Remind yourself that you've survived the death of Ned Stark, the Red Wedding and Hodor. You can do this.

Nothing can be worse than that, right?......right?

11. Get wine.

This is one of the most important phases. Even if you don't have a support group, a place to watch where you can move around, or get mentally ready, you can still get wine.

12. Realize that there's nothing you can do to prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

Good luck, everyone. Winter is here.

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