5 ways to help the environment and still have a fun spring break
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5 Ways To Still Have A Lit Spring Break Without Destroying The Environment

Here are some tips and tricks to have fun but be sustainable during your spring break!


So, it's the month of Spring Break. It's a time to get a tan, relax by the water, be with friends and party. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break, but while you're doing that, think about mother earth. Think about how many kids like yourself with be out in nature getting lit. Here are 5 ways to have fun but also think about the environment.

1.  Ditch the red solo cup, rock the reusable cup!

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask on Instagram

Okay, so you're obviously going to be drinking because that's the tradition of spring break. That's cool, it is, but here is a disturbing fact for you. Those red solo cups you all are drinking out of are so harmful to the environment. It takes 450 years to decompose! That's insane. Instead, why don't you use a reusable cup? It's WAY less wasteful and most cups (Yeti, Arctic, Hydro Flask) all keep those ice cold alcohol beverages, well, ice cold! You're having a refreshing drink and saving the environment.

2.  Don't be bitter and don't litter!!

4Ocean on Instagram

While you're at the beach, this should be common sense, but don't litter! Kids will leave their red solo cups and bottles all over the beach and that's not okay. All that plastic and glass will wash right into our oceans. It's been said that now there is more plastic in our oceans than fish! Don't contribute to that!

3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

@packagefreeshop on Instagram

Recycling I will preach all day. First off, it's "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," so try and reduce as much waste as you can. If you have waste, make sure you recycle what you can. Fun fact, glass is not even considered recyclable in all places now. Also, red solo cups are made up of a particular plastic that CAN NOT be recycled! So refer back to step one, use a reusable cup.

4. Reusable grocery bags are the new "it" bag!

@packagefreeshop on Instagram

You're shopping a lot during the break. All those grocery runs for Publix subs, soda liters, beer, mixers, produce, chips, etc. You're stocking up for beach trips, camping retreats, cabins in the woods. When you go grocery shopping, bring your own bags. Bringing your own bags saves so much plastic. Those grocery store plastic bags actually can't be recycled in standard recycling.

If you're going to use a grocery store bag, make sure to save them up, and return them back to the stores. Places like Publix and Target have particular bins outside and in for those plastic bags. Also, a lot of stores now have paper as an option, just make sure to ask when you start your checkout. And those can be recycled or honestly reuse them, like I do in my home, as a recycling bin. Remember, garbage bags CAN NOT be recycled so don't put them in your bins or use them to collect everything. And those plastic store bags need to be returned to the store.

Basically, the point I'm making is, save yourself all the trouble I just said and use reusable grocery bags when checking out, thank you.

5. You haven't ditched plastic straws yet, seriously??

@packagefreeshop on Instagram

My last point, which is the newest sustainability trend, USE A REUSABLE STRAW. When you're on the beach sipping your beverages, eating brunch on the boardwalk, whatever. Remember the straw you're using and how much that hurts the environment. It might be so little but it makes a big impact. One straw could kill a sea turtle, a fish. A bunch of straws could wash away and over time kill a dolphin or whale. A seagull could come scoop one up and choke. They're harmful. Get a reusable straw. Even buy a reusable cup that comes with a straw. Knocking out 2 of my five steps right there.

So, when you're on the beach this spring break or out doing whatever fun plans you have, thing ethical and think sustainable. You're one person who can make a difference. Still, have fun and have a good time, just think about your actions.

Be safe, don't drink and drive, and have a fun spring break!!

A lot of the products pictured can be bought at Package Free shop,Hydro Flask and the ocean cleanup photo promotes the bracelets from 4Ocean that are made from plastic found on beach cleanups they initiate.

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