Last year, all anyone could talk about for a few weeks was "13 Reasons Why." When it first came out, I binge-watched the show in my bed, crying... crying because this happens in real life.

"13 Reasons Why" was supposed to be one season long, ending in the death of Hannah Baker by suicide. It was supposed to show the world a glimpse of mental illness. However, it focused more on what happened to Hannah externally rather than internally. It is a combination of factors that lead to someone's decision to die by suicide.

When I first heard that a second season was coming out, I was appalled. I ended up watching it because I was curious as to how it would be carried out — would there be justice for Hannah or Jessica or anyone else harmed?

After watching the second season, I can say that I am not pleased with how it was carried out and I am extremely displeased with the ending.

The entire season, I waited. Now, I feel as if I am still waiting.

1. How is the fact that Bryce only received a 3 month probation for multiple rapes supposed to encourage sexual assault survivors to speak out?

It is going to make them feel like, despite what they say, the crime simply is not bad enough. Rapists deserve years behind bars; they deserve to suffer.

2. It also seems as if it is being portrayed that being in a relationship means you need to have sex with that person, whether you are in the mood to or not.

You are not someone's toy to play with whenever they are horny.

3. Is now really a good time to televise a planned school shooting?

After all of the school shootings that have happened this year alone?

4. I am glad that Alex became comfortable enough to show his scars.

He is a survivor and should not be ashamed of it any longer.

5. It is good that they brought to light that men also get sexually assaulted, but did they need to do it in such a graphic manner?

This is an EXTREMELY brutal scene that can severely trigger a survivor.

6. Shout out to Clay for caring about Tyler and trying to protect him, but someone needs to tell the police.

He may have been stopped this time, but what about the next time?

7. Why exactly are they leaving it on a cliffhanger for another season?


8. I like how Hannah's mom is moving to New York in honor of her daughter.

It can be a fresh start for her while also honoring Hannah.

9. They try to throw another obstacle into the show, teen pregnancy, without actually delving into it.

In what way is that helpful?

10. The storyline behind Hannah and Zach was actually well thought-out and good.

Zach was a minor character in season 1, but season 2 showed that he is a good person on the inside. Also, there was the fact that Zach helped Alex with physical therapy.

11. The show showed through Skye that it is OK and beneficial to go to treatment and to get help. Kudos.

12. Why can ghost Hannah provide accurate answers to Clay and have conversation with him that they did not have when she was alive?

13. They mentioned Hannah's depression so casually in the show, it should have played a much bigger part.

It was a much bigger part of her death.

14. Marcus deserves so much worse.

He lied on the stand. He deserves persecution.

15. The polaroids just do not seem to play into the show smoothly at all.

They are a bad knock-off of the tapes, basically.

16. Hannah's verdict is unfair and unjust.

There is not one contributing factor to a person's suicide, but the school played a major, major part.

17. It is endearing how the Jensen family decided to Justin.

They are not a perfect family, but they have pure hearts.

18. I liked how Mrs. Jensen changed law firms from the firm who was against Hannah to the firm who defended Hannah.

19. Watching Hannah go to the light (aka go to Heaven) was a pleasant part of this season, considering many churches see suicide as a crime.

20. Hannah had a list of reasons not to die.

No matter how many reasons there are to die, there are more reasons to not. I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise.

21. I think they could have done a better job of bringing to light that addiction is a mental disease.

22. They better not bring Seth back into this to mess with or harm Justin.