Rekindle Your Love For Autumn With 'When Harry Met Sally'
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It’s Time To Rekindle Your Love For Autumn With 'When Harry Met Sally'

Cozy sweaters, blazers, silky scarves, turtlenecks, knee socks, cardigans, and ankle boots are the way to go!

Clip from "When Harry Met Sally"

When the leaves from your tree turn orange and suddenly you just smell romance in the crisp air? You know it, autumn is the season made for love! If you are going to watch one movie this fall, make sure you watch Nora Ephron's "When Harry Met Sally." This rom-com is not your ordinary rom-com. This rom-com focuses on Sally (played by Meg Ryan) and Harry (played by Billy Crystal), who are best friends and have known each other for so long yet their relationship is challenged by a peculiar question: "Can men and women stay as friends?" You must watch the movie to find out! Perhaps, this will make you think long and hard about all the relationships of your friends of the opposite sex.

Anyways, why is "When Harry Met Sally" a film you must watch in autumn? Autumn is the season of change, marking the transition from summer to fall. In fact, autumn is the best time for change. Like the changing leaves, Harry and Sally's friendship is gradually changing into a romantic one. If you look at the movie poster for "When Harry Met Sally," you see orange crisp trees and leaves all over the ground. It just only signifies the changes in Harry and Sally's feelings for each other. In addition, the wardrobe in this film just makes you want to be at your warmest.

Cozy sweaters, blazers, silky scarves, turtlenecks, knee socks, cardigans, and ankle boots are the way to go! Not to mention, the dreamy scene when Harry and Sally stroll down Central Park in NYC will get you to want to go outside and admire those autumn trees.

Or perhaps, it will make get into the mood for apple cider! Another scene from the movie that will get you cozy for autumn is those late-night phone chats between Harry and Sally! Wrapped in the warmth of blankets of the bed and their eyes fixed on the television screen while you are talking to your friend on the other line not only makes you feel cozy but also makes you feel grateful for those who are willing to listen to your problems and perhaps even listening to your voice. And one last thing, the film's soundtrack is jazzy enough to capture the essence of autumn. What other music other than jazz can match up to the coziness of autumn?

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