5 Reasons You Should Indulge Yourself And Finally Watch 'Twin Peaks'

5 Reasons You Should Indulge Yourself And Finally Watch 'Twin Peaks'

"I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange."


Twin Peaks. Maybe you've heard it in passing as being "that one weird old show", or "the show that inspired my favorite show". Perhaps you've seen it on your Netflix queue when you decide to check if there is actually anything decent streaming for the millionth time. The point is, you've probably heard about it.

And with Twin Peaks: The Return airing in the summer of 2017, it's still fresh in peoples mind. Here are a few reasons why I think you should consider visiting the small town of Twin Peaks.

From your own home, of course. Unless if you can afford to fly all the way to Washington and visit the town it was filmed in. Then you should totally go there and watch Twin Peaks in a motel or something. It would be cool. Trust me.

1. Who killed Laura Palmer?


Back when the show first premiered in 1990, it's the question everyone was asking, "who killed Laura Palmer?".

Homecoming queen and well known within the small community of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer's body was found floating near the shoreline of a lake, wrapped in plastic from head to toe. Who could've done such a thing to a girl like that? How did her body end up there? Who really was Laura Palmer?

This is just the start of the plot-line for Twin Peaks. It's a murder mystery wrapped in a surreal blanket. I don't want to say anymore, but trust me. It goes to unimaginable depths.

2. It's a good introduction into the mind of David Lynch.


David Lynch is, in my opinion, one of the greatest filmmakers to have ever graced the industry. He is the writer and director behind fantastic films like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire.

His way of storytelling and atmosphere building is incredibly unique and unlike anything you have witnessed before, and Twin Peaks is a perfect example of what he is capable of. Lynch blends together the cozy, campy vibe of small north-western town, with an eerie and sometimes insidious story to go along.

If Twin Peaks leaves you wanting more, I highly recommend checking out Lynch's other films. Some are definitely more strange and abstract than others, but they are some of the most unique and thought-provoking films produced. He is an artist that often won't make compromises to see that his vision comes to life. Truly, he is one of the greats.

3. There was a Twin Peaks movie. And yes, it's amazing...


So, there was a full-length feature film titled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. It debuted at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, where it was supposedly booed and hated upon by the attendees. The famous quote that stuck with everyone regarding the film's reception came from legendary director Quentin Tarantino, who said that, "David Lynch has disappeared so far up his own ass that I have no desire to see another David Lynch film until I hear something different". Ouch.

However, I am on the opposite side. I absolutely adore Fire Walk With Me. So much so that I consider it to be one of the best films Lynch has ever produced.

Fire Walk With Me is a prequel to the television series. It documents the final days of Laura Palmer's life and gives us more insight into the character that the series is all built around.

People didn't like Fire Walk With Me as much as Twin Peaks because it focused more on the bizarre and weird stuff, and less on the conventional story and lovable characters. This isn't a jolly movie full of hot black coffee and warm cherry pie. No, it's a much darker and complex work than what most fans of the original series was probably used to.

I loved it. it's a very important piece of the puzzle, especially if you want to watch Twin Peaks: The Return. Speaking of which...

4. Twin Peaks: 'The Return' is one of the best viewing experiences you will ever have!


Finally, after 25 years of leaving us with a cliffhanger ending, Twin Peaks returned for a third (and most likely last) season. And hoo boy is it a treat. Not only is it a visual and aural spectacle, but it's also a triumph in exploring different ways to tell a story.

I don't want to say ANYTHING about it. Seriously. If you make it through the original run of the show and the film, you get to witness one of the most captivating and surreal television/film experiences you will have.

5. The music, the characters, and the atmosphere...


The music of Twin Peaks is an absolute treat to listen to on screen and off. Angelo Badalemnti's soundtrack is both dreamy other-worldly. It really sets the tone and is unique compared to other films/television shows because of how atmospheric is can be.

The characters are incredibly memorable and have a certain sense of depth to them. Nearly the entire cast is written to be three-dimensional characters, and it certainly shows through the storytelling arc's everyone experiences, and the wonderful acting. The actors, Kyle Maclachlan in particular, seem genuinely invested in their roles, and it shows. Some are quirky, some are weird, some are heroic, and some are evil. It's perfect.

The atmosphere is something I've mentioned before in this article, but my god is Lynch a natural at this. He captures the vibes and essence of a small logging town perfectly. It feels like a real living, breathing world you are exploring with the cast. But beyond the cozy feelings, he crafts a dark and twisted world too. There are many scenes throughout the entire series that I found myself becoming genuinely uncomfortable and frightened watching. And I loved every second of it.

Seriously. PLEASE check out Twin Peaks. It's on nearly every major streaming platform nowadays, so it's right at your fingertips. Find the time to watch it, you won't regret it.

Oh, and be sure to brew up a damn fine cup of coffee along with a warm slice of cherry pie before watching. Trust me, it's the only way.

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