7 Reasons to Watch "This Is Us"

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you've probably heard of the show on NBC titled "This Is Us". The show follows the lives of the Pearsons, a family of five including a set of triplets. I could rave about this show for hours, due to its magnificent cast, its charm, its many moving themes, and so much more, but I've come up with seven central reasons to tune in to NBC at 9 pm Eastern each and every Tuesday.

1. It's jam-packed with romance. 


Romance of all kinds - the kind of romance between couples who'd been married for twenty years, as well as newly budding romance. "This Is Us" truly has it all.

2. It's about real-life scenarios.


We all go through real life problems, and so do the character on "This Is Us". Their problems may be a tad more dramatic, though.

3. It's funny.


And I'm talking about good, playful family-style funny, not raunchy and inappropriate humor. "Cute" funny.

4. It's family-centered.


Finding a television show with legitimate family values is nearly impossible in this day and age, but "This Is Us" does it flawlessly and entertainingly.

5. It's emotional.


There are scenes in "This Is Us" that have completely and totally ripped my heart out, in a good way. The producers sure have a way of pulling on everyone's heartstrings, in a thousand different ways.

6. It's captivating.


One of the premises of the show is the changing of perspectives between the characters in the past, their current selves, and the characters in the future. Trust me - it is not nearly as confusing as it sounds.

7. It exhibits the important things in life.


There have been so many instances in the show where I have been moved to tears simply by the dialogue and background music combination. This show is simply beautiful, and I like to say I have learned a thing or two about life from it.

All in all, I highly recommend "This Is Us" to all. Ladies - it's the perfect show to watch with your boyfriend/husband! They'll love it. ;)

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