6 Reasons You Need to Watch 'The Dragon Prince' Right Now
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6 Reasons You Need to Watch 'The Dragon Prince' Right Now

Save this amazing Netflix original by becoming a fan.

6 Reasons You Need to Watch 'The Dragon Prince' Right Now

I recently watched both seasons of Netflix's original animated series "The Dragon Prince" and fell in love.

Somehow, no one seems to know that it exists, so here are some reasons you should check it out.

1. It's an original and unique concept

The Polytechnic

The show takes place in the worlds of Xadia and the Human Kingdoms. Xadia is a land of magic populated with beings like elves and dragons.

They used to live together in peace, but when humans started meddling with dark magic, it sparked a war.

But after discovering a secret that could change everything, two human princes team up with an elven assassin who was supposed to kill them in order to bring peace to their kingdoms.

It's not based on any books or movies and it shows. Though we've all seen elves and dragons in other fantasy media, I can guarantee you've never seen them like this.

2. It's diverse!

The Mary Sue

Not only is there a lot of racial diversity with the main characters, but also with the side characters and extras. Someone a long time ago seemed to decide that Medieval-inspired fantasy villages had to be all white, but the animators of "The Dragon Prince" reject that completely.

Also, besides racial diversity, there is diversity in ability and sexuality. One of the best characters in the show is a deaf general (whose sexuality is also a bit ambiguous). I commend the animators because I'm sure animating someone signing can't be easy.

Also, there is a three-legged and still insanely powerful wolf and lesbian elf queens.

3. It's from the same creators of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"


To this day, people still hail "Avatar: The Last Airbender" as one of the best shows ever made, and rightfully so! (Also "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" was amazing, but that's a topic for another time.)

"The Dragon Prince" even feels reminiscent of ATLA as each season is divided into "books."

Also, Jack De Sena, the voice actor who played Sokka, also plays Callum, one of the two princes.

4. The characters aren't black/white


So many good and evil characters in fantasy media are either 100% good or 100% evil, but in "The Dragon Prince," sometimes you genuinely don't know who to root for.

There's one character who is sort of a love interest for one of the princes and she tends to act very cutesy, but she also practices dark magic and can turn completely crazy in dark at a moment's notice. You still want to root for her, but she makes it very hard for us sometimes.

Even the "main villain" of the series so far seems like he's being ousted as the Big Bad of the show by someone else.

5. It's genuinely unpredictable

Animation Magazine

A lot of shows like this tend to follow a similar formula. And though there is a typical quest where unlikely friends must team up to achieve a common goal, there is an element of unpredictability.

I was delighted to find that sometimes I really had no idea what would happen next.

6. It's in danger of being cancelled


Netflix has a bad habit of not advertising their shows well, then cancelling them when they understandably don't do well.

Though season 3 is currently in the works, "The Dragon Prince" is largely unknown, so very much in danger of receiving this fate.

It appears that the creators' plan is to have six or seven seasons (one for each source of magic), so in order for the plan for their show to be realized, they really need fans to keep it going!

So please check it out so that it can get the run that it deserves.

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