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16 Undeniable Reasons You Should Watch 'Sons of Anarchy' And Fall In Love With Harley-Loving Bikers

"We're not a gang. We're a motorcycle club."


If you've haven't watched "Sons of Anarchy", I'm willing to say your missing out on one of the most captivating TV shows of all time. When I came home from college for winter break, my parents were watching this show and I have to say I was super surprised. I didn't expect them to be watching a show about a motorcycle club full of violence.

I was in-between Netflix shows at the time, so I thought I would give the show a try. Little did I know, I would be making the best/worst decision ever!!! (I'll tell you the bad part later)

1. Jax Teller

The show's main character Jax Teller is a good enough reason to dedicate your time watching this show. If you've ever seen a picture of him, you know what I'm saying.

2. It's probably different than any other show you've watched.

Unless shows about Harley-loving bikers are on your usual watchlist, this show will change things up for you. You'll learn the ways of a completely different "culture" and you're bound to become fascinated with it.

3. You'll never get bored.

There's no way you can get bored watching this show. Between the club fights and constant negotiations, you'll hardly be able to keep up with it all. That's coming from someone who turned the subtitles on the first episode because I was missing too much already.

4. You'll get inspired by a few #friendshipgoals.

Jax and Opie. Juice and Chibs. Tig and Clay. Whoever it is, the Sons of Anarchy were more than friends; they were brothers. Jax and Opie are definitely my favorite duo. They grew up together and were always there for each other (even when it meant both wearing orange jumpsuits). How can you not root for childhood besties?

5. There are plenty of episodes to keep you busy.

7 seasons with 13 episodes means you've got some serious binge-watching to do. That's almost 100 episodes of entertainment and suspense.

6. It's the opposite of your typical "Mean Girls" drama.

Yes, there's drama in "Sons of Anarchy" just like there is in every other show but it isn't your petty "Mean Girls" drama. The "Sons of Anarchy" type of drama will make you pick sides to the point where you don't even care if certain characters get killed off.

It's definitely not drama you want to experience in your everyday life - it usually ends with someone in a body bag.

7. There's enough action in one episode to make you think you've watched an entire season.

You know how some shows draaaag out their seasons and it just gets old after awhile? Not this show! There's nonstop action in every episode that make you feel like you've watched an entire season in one sitting. Some episodes start with your favorite character in them and 45 minutes later they're dead and gone.

8. It will make you want to take up a new hobby.

I've never had the desire to ride a motorcycle before in my life...until I watched this show. It's something about the bikers that make them seem cool. If riding a motorcycle can make my life as entertaining as there's, then I'm ready to ride.

9. You may not be able to relate to the characters, but you'll want to BE the characters.

These guys live a pretty good life if you ask me; they ride around all day doing their "club duties" and come up with thousands of dollars by the end of each day. Considering all of the illegal things they do on a daily basis, they very rarely get caught. Then, they walk away looking like the town's heroes.

The members of the motorcycle club have tighter friendships than your average girl gang. Not to mention, they all have "old ladies" that do anything they want at their beck and call.

10. You'll have a new fictional hero.

We all have that one fictional character that we're completely in love with. I guarantee you will have a new one after watching only one episode of "Sons of Anarchy": Jax Teller. Not only is he so so so hot, but he's definitely the hero of the show.

Although he's not your stereotypical superman hero - he wears a cut instead of a cape - everybody in the show goes to him for advice and looks to him for leadership.

11. You'll realize what "an eye for an eye" means.

If you screw someone over in this show, expect rapid revenge. The Sons don't let bygones be bygones; more than likely, you'll just be gone.

12. It will rip your heart into pieces (if you're into that).

This is the bad part I mentioned earlier. I can honestly say that I've never been so devastated by a show in my life. Another episode means another one of your favorite characters gone. I'll just say that you need to cherish your favorite character's time on the show because it's precious and probably limited.

13. There's tons of unexpected humor.

While the motorcycle club likes to come across as serious and down-to-business, they tease each other all the time. If you want a constant source of humor, just listen to Gemma or wait for Bobby Elvis to make an appearance.

14. You'll have a new character that you love to hate.

We all have that one character that we love to hate. In this show, you may have multiple.

15. You'll learn the real definition of ride or die.

People today use the expression "ride or die" to refer to a close friend that is down to do whatever with you. The "Sons of Anarchy" brought back it's true meaning for me: if you can't ride you'd rather die. The Sons know they can't be apart of the motorcycle club if they can't ride. For them, if you take away their club, then you take away their life.

16. Did I already say Jax Teller?


I'm sure I already had you convinced to watch the show after my first point, but in case I didn't, go watch it! The day after I finished watching all 7 seasons I started watching it all over again from the first episode; it was like watching a movie for the second time and noticing new things. Oh, and if you aren't into Jax's long hair, you have a welcome surprise coming in season 4.

P.S. A "Sons of Anarchy" sequel (and possibly prequel) have been confirmed! More binge-watching to come!

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