Why Everybody Should Watch Parks And Rec
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Why Everybody Should Watch Parks And Rec

Treat Yo Self

Why Everybody Should Watch Parks And Rec

The new year has just begun, and all of the gyms are packed with people working on their resolution. But what happens when the resolution wears off three weeks down the road? Netflix happens. People realize how hard it is to stick to a strict fitness schedule of five days a week, and soon, the gyms are becoming less full. It's a nice thought, but you are a busy person, one that deserves to treat yourself. Instead of beating yourself up this year about not sticking to your "goal," why don't you make a television-related resolution instead? And I have the perfect one for you: Parks and Rec. Here are some very important reasons why your new resolution should be to watch this show.

Mock-umentary-styled shooting

I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that just like The Office?" As a fan of both shows, I can honestly say that each show is its own entity. It did first spring to life conceived as a spin-off of The Office, but thankfully it morphed into something else. With similar shooting styles, we are able to see the thoughts of each of the characters as well as their interactions with other characters. It's a unique type of filming that is always entertaining. Parks and Recreation is about hope and optimism, the characters are generally happy with their lives and you finish watching an episode feeling uplifted. There is very little cynicism and misfortune, something that seems to be always portrayed in comedy these days. What’s not to like about that?

Amy Poehler

I've written about my love for Amy Poehler before, but her portrayal of Leslie Knope is absolutely incredible. Leslie is the glue that holds the Department of Parks and Recreation (and possibly Pawnee) together. Amy Poehler is a revelation, making a seemingly annoying character into one that is adored by many and a role model to all. She’s endlessly optimistic and highly enthusiastic, she loves waffles, and she calls the bathroom the Whizz Palace. She’s incredibly adept at understanding the complex set of the characters around her, with knowing what they need and how to support them. There is no one more passionate about her hometown than Leslie. Even when the people are voting to recall her, Leslie continues to fight for them. She fills her office with pictures of female political powerhouses, and she never gives up on her goals. She is the heart of the entire show.

Ron Swanson

Parks and Rec would not be the same if it wasn't for Ron Swanson. Ron is now a cult hero. He’s a manly man’s man, he has the world most glorious mustache, he inhales meat like nobody's business, and he does woodwork. Let us not forget about Duke Silver and his repulsion to talking about feelings. Breakfast is his favorite thing in the world, so much so that he hangs a picture of bacon and eggs in his office. He believes that the government shouldn’t do anything and the only effort he puts into his job is when there is potential for less work to be done. He's probably the most famous libertarian there ever was, even though he is fictional. He took a government middle-management job to enact his libertarian ideals from the inside. Everything about Ron Swanson is epic and amazing.

April Ludgate

Initially, quite a small part and just appeared as the sulky teenage intern, April grew into an important part of the main cast. The dark and sarcastic character pretends that she doesn’t care about anything, but there is a very sweet girl underneath it all. April has grown a lot over the years, finding things she actually cares about with her relationships, but she resists it with every fiber of her being. April loves her dark side, is quick with a cutting comment, and remains determined to look like she doesn't care about anything.

Lil Sebastian

He is a mini horse who is Pawnee's hometown hero. He has made Ron Swanson cry, April Ludgate smile, and has puzzled Ben Wyatt. What else could you want from a little horse?

Treat Yo Self

Parks and Rec fans "treat" themselves to the lavish items that they so desire every year on October 13 (or any day of the year that you feel like you need it.) A Batman suit? Treat Yo Self. Fragrances? Treat Yo Self. Fine-Leathered Goods? Treat Yo Self. It's the best day of the year!

Female characters that support other female characters.

Let's look at the beautiful friendship of Leslie and her BFF Ann. Ann probably did not have a choice in the beginning, but she grows to embrace Leslie’s quirks and developed quite a few of her own. Leslie is always referring to Ann as “beautiful” and any given opportunity, whether relevant or necessary. It’s lovely and believable, supporting each other at all times. It's a welcome aspect of friendship due to its absence that always seems to be present in other TV female relationships.

A feel-good show for everyone.

The gang from Pawnee may have packed up for good, but we can still watch past episodes for a fix of Amy Poehler and company. I always turn to an episode of Parks and Rec when I'm down and out. Leslie Knope's relentless drive to make a difference in her community gives us hope that there are well-meaning folks in government. Okay, maybe those people are fictional, but I'm still going to believe that they are real. They're real in my heart, anyway.

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