Warning Signs your Best Friend is a Grey’s Anatomy Addict

Warning Signs your Best Friend is a Grey’s Anatomy Addict

For someone who doesn’t watch the show, it sure has become an intricate part of your life.

1. After a season finale, they yell at you about who died, who hooked up with who, and who had a baby, and the names of characters they use mean nothing to you.

2. Actually, it can be any episode and they will still freak out.

3. They’ve gotten super excited about going to the Emergency Room because they thought it would be like an episode of Grey’s.

4. After binging just three seasons, they’re convinced they are basically a surgeon and can fix any of your physical ailments.

5. Sometimes they can even convince you that they’re a surgeon, too.

6. You know when they come crying into your room at 2 a.m. that their favorite character just perished in the worst way possible, and that you’ll be consoling them for the next four hours about it.

7. They have actually named their vehicle after a character on the show.

8. Every time you complain about any problem – physical or emotional – they calmly respond: “Push one of epi” in all situations.

9. Occasionally you'll just receive random text messages Grey's GIFs, and you have to just deal with it.

10. They call you “their person” and even though you don’t know 100% what it means, you still own it.

11. The only reason(s) you allow them to force you to sit down and watch an episode with them is simply:



12. Yet, somehow, they get you addicted too, so that you can both be happy/miserable together.

13. And your best friend is way too pleased about that they added another victim to the fandom.

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5 Marvel Movies Worth Watching Again And Again

Highly recommended by an avid superhero lover.

So, you saw Black Panther this weekend and now you’re hype for more Marvel movies. Or you weren’t able to get tickets to see Black Panther this weekend and you need something to fill the void.

Maybe you’re missing seeing heroes with cool powers. Or perhaps you haven’t seen a single superhero movie and you’re looking for somewhere to start.

Whether you’re one of these people or not, I have put together a list of five Marvel movies that are worth watching again and again. Admittedly, I’ve had to leave some off, so if one of your favorites isn’t on here, don’t fret!

1. 'Iron Man'

This is the movie that began the entire franchise. Going back to 2008, this film is definitely a great way to break into superhero movies. On top of that, it has Robert Downey Jr. as an arrogant Tony Stark, who somehow manages to also capture the hearts of viewers. Be on the lookout for sharp wit and killer fight scenes.

2. 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

This movie has all the elements I love: a kick-butt villain, an emotional story, and a formidable fighting duo. Coming in as the second Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier displays where Steve Rogers (Captain America) is at after the events of The Avengers. It also gives us Captain America and Black Widow (Natasha) teaming up to take on someone from Steve’s past. The best part? The formidable fighting duo of Steve and Natasha becomes a formidable friendship as well.

3. 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Want clever humor and non-typical heroes? Then this is the movie for you! Featuring Chris Pratt as a know-it-all, unprepared leader, Guardians of the Galaxy will keep you laughing and constantly rooting for this group of unlikely heroes. It also doesn’t feel like your typical superhero movie, so if you don’t like other superhero movies, this is one to check out!

4. 'The Avengers'

This movie combines all of our favorite superheroes into one big, action-packed extravaganza. It gives little to no background on characters who already have their own origin story movies, but as long as you’re roughly familiar with those characters, you’ll be just fine. Featuring everything from outer space villains to the appearance of the Hulk, this movie is a treat for all superhero lovers. It’s the embodiment of Captain America’s famous line, “Avengers Assemble!”

5. 'Doctor Strange'

This movie brings in the mystical element to Marvel’s already expansive cinematic universe. While not the same as the other fighting superheroes, Doctor Strange, the character and the movie, still has the fighting and superpowered elements. Plus, he learns how to travel to other places (and dimensions) and uses an infinity stone! The end fight scene is also definitely worth watching.

As I said before, all of these movies are certainly worth watching over and over again! With options for all fans, hopefully you’ll pick up one of these movies the next time you’re looking for something to watch, even if you've already watched them all.

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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