There's a common theme among college students revolving the weather and how that affects their productivity and positivity regarding their week. It's noticed among professors when their students finally start catching up on work and amount students, as all of the campus is either sitting in the quad or in the gym. It's not just you! It's true that for many of us the warmer the weather the better your day is, especially in a college town or university. So, as the mid 60's and 70 degrees weather approaches, here what you have to look forward to in your week ahead.

1. Going to that 8 a.m.

It's a lot easier to get up for that morning class when the weather isn't below 25 degrees and you don't have to find your triple stuffed-snowman jacket. So when you're struggling to get out of bed Monday morning, remember that it's nice finally nice out, which is more than enough to get out of your dorm room and into the sun.

2. FINALLY working out.

When the temperature goes up, so does the number of treadmills taken at the gym. It might because of the reminder that beach days are coming soon, or just a simple desire to get outside but it's inevitable that the warmer the weather the more motivated students are to get in shape.

3. Finishing that project.

The warm weather motivation doesn't just hit you in the gym, it also gives students the mental strength to finally do their course work. For some reason, the idea of studying outside with your friends and a Starbucks refresher sounds much more appealing then cramming in the over-heated library on your third coffee. So maybe, you can use the weather as an excuse for mental stability and motivation to study as you sunbathe, or maybe it's just another reason to procrastinate that essay until it gets nicer out.

4. Gettin’ that money.

The sun peaking through the shades of winter serves as a gentle reminder that summer is approaching, and if you really want to go to that music festival and Cancun with your friends, then it's probably best to take the extra double at work and stop spending all your money on Dunkin' iced coffees.