15 Things From The 90s Millennials Will Remember
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15 Things From The 90s Millennials Will Remember

Be prepared to come face to face with your childhood.

15 Things From The 90s Millennials Will Remember
Early Learning Coalition of Florida's Heartland

The stresses of being an adult have overcome my spirit and to be rudely honest, adulthood sucks, and I would definitely wish it on my worse enemy.

I was watching an old Disney Pixar movie the other night and I got to thinking about how time just flies along with the small pleasures of being an adolescent. There are a lot of toys, smells, foods, places, commercials, television shows, books, and clothes that instantly put me in a nostalgic place.

Let's take a trip down memory lane!

1.Oreo O's: Milk's favorite cereal! I heard you can only buy them from Japan now.

2. Baby Bottle Pops: What do I remember most? The annoying but catchy commercial or the massive amount of proposals I received.

3. Junie B. Jones & Goosebumps: When reading was actually a thing!

4. Marineland Commercials: Avid PBS Kids watchers should be pretty familiar with the catchy song!

5. Television Stations: WB, CW, Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, to name a few, are all after school classics. Nowadays, you can catch them at two in the morning; If you're lucky!

6. McDonald's & Burger King: When the food actually tasted authentic and the toys were a good investment

7. AOL: Enough said!

8. Mary-Kate & Ashley: Everyone's favorite twin sisters! I have all the movies and in my parents attic still!

9. Playing outside or at the park: Is that still a thing or...?

10. Dressing Simply: When denim jeans, a solid color or striped shirt, tennis shoes, and a denim jacket or overalls were in style. It seemed like everyone had bangs and glasses!

11. Blockbuster: Yesterday's Netflix!

12. Wonder Balls: Candy and Chocolate! My two favorite things!

13. Who remembers Stussy S's all over your notebooks. I still do them when I am bored!

14. "Hot Cross Buns": On the recorder of course!

15. Tamagotchi: Your virtual pet that probably died over 50 times.

Sometimes I wish I was a little older back then to appreciate these things. All I have is old YouTube videos and pictures to look at!

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