If The Wake County Odyssey Group Were Sandwiches
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If The Wake County Odyssey Group Were Sandwiches

We'd be the delicious kind

If The Wake County Odyssey Group Were Sandwiches

Everyone loves a good sandwich and the Wake County Odyssey Group is no exception! We decided to challenge ourselves this week by asking the question "If I were a sandwich, what would be one me?"

Our answers may surprise you.

1. "A stack of papers dressed with paint and cats" - Chloe

2. "Two books gently used filled with fandom merch and topped with sarcasm" - Robin

3. "Layers of social media, mixed with a thin slice of faux suede (my favorite shoes are made from this), a dash of resting bitch face, topped with a special sauce made from impatience and an annoyingly hearty laugh sandwiched between two hand-painted canvases" - Savannah

4. "A wine bottle inside a coffee mug filled with sass and sarcasm" - Blair

5. "The bread of me as a sandwich would be two marvel movies. Inside the sandwich would be a bunch of random music, animals and Youtubers" - Rachel

6. "I wouldn't be a sandwich, I'd be coffee" - Carey

7. "A slice of sarcasm, a slice of bitch face (because apparently if I'm not smiling I "look mean or pissed off." Thanks Dad!), and a slice of laughter encased between two slices of I literally couldn't care less and sprinkled with glitter" - Shannon

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