W88 Shirt Sponsorship Deal Announced by Aston Villa
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W88 Shirt Sponsorship Deal Announced by Aston Villa

Shirt Sponsorship Deal

W88 Shirt Sponsorship Deal Announced by Aston Villa

Recently promoted to the English Premier League, Aston Villa revealed a historic commercial deal with W88 to serve as the team's Principal Partner for the 2019–20 campaign. W88 has taken over for 32Red as Villa's primary sponsor.

Aston Villa's contract with W88 was disclosed after Wolves revealed they had canceled their agreement with W88 early to join ManBetX. The gaming industry's W88 brand is expanding quickly, with a significant following in Asia. W88 mobi Sports Partners is a model of private equity that is exclusively open to members of the sports sector and owners of sports franchises.

Kappa aston villa 2019-2020 jerseys & training wear to feature the W88 logo

The club's Premier League Kappa home and away kits and the first team's practice attire will include the logo of Asian gaming business W88.

"The Club is satisfied to welcome W88 as a new Principal Partner of the Club; their emblem will sit proudly on our uniform for the 2019–20 Premier League season," stated Nicola Ibbetson, a chief commercial officer of Aston Villa.

"Due to the club's elevation to the Premier League, our Club Partners now have an international platform to connect with our global fan base. This is a record-breaking monetary alliance for the club.

"We are satisfied and excited, expected to be occupied with Aston Villa, the one that has been an individual of England's police officer football crews for as well 140 years," pronounced Hilly Ehrlich, business growth executive for W88.

"We look forward to communicating with the club administration, players, and supporters in the upcoming months. W88 is a well-known online gaming company with a sizable membership. The brand is built on soccer, which stands for trust and honesty.

As part of their new three-year arrangement, Kappa will create the Aston Villa Premier League jersey for the 2019–20 season.

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