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15 Reasons Dom Zeglaitis Is The Best VlogSquad Member

Sorry, David.

"The VlogSquad," otherwise known as members and collaborators of David Dobrik's vlogs on YouTube, has a plethora of talented, individualistic persons to say the least. Although, it's highly debatable that Dom Zegalatis, otherwise known as Durte Dom, is the best. Here are fifteen reasons why.

1. He's the funniest


No matter if he's being genuine or serious, Dom is always funny.

2. He rocks peculiar accessories


The pink feather earring and glasses. Need I say more?

3. You could say he's a maid


It's said David pays him to clean up messes, usually from Alex.

4. He's open about his STD's

In an era where STD's are seen as malicious, it can truly be appreciated when someone is open about theirs.

5. He's foreign


We love a foreign boy in the U.S. Sorry David, I'm sure Croatia is cool. Lithuania is just so unique.

6. He loves moms


We won't go into the reasons why, but everyone can appreciate a guy who enjoys moms.

7. Hes's open about his sexuality

Was kissing insert multiple men's names here a coincidence?

8. He started from the bottom


Going to Califronia from such an irrelevant state (No offense, Illinois. As someone from Ohio, I can relate) is a real risk, but he and David made it work as two kids from Vernon Hills.

9. He has a good relationship with his family


We love a guy who can do a Q&A with his mom, and let Jason Nash film with his dad.

10. He also raps


And unlike most YouTube personnel who try and fail, he's actually good.

11. He get's the most girls


I'm pretty sure his only competition is Corinna. Yet, he stays winning.

12. His tape leaks at 1 Million


YouTube: Dom Zeglaitis

Instagram: dominykas

13. He answers all DM's


I don't have first hand experience, but I'm sure he does. YouTubers who interact with their fans are the best. Even if they're predominantly LA girls.

14. Cancer


are imaginative and persuasive. Whether you believe in that astrology schema or not, it sounds like Dom.

15. He's only growing


With currently 865k followers on Instagram and 593k subscribers on Youtube, his channel is continuously growing.

We all love David, Jason, Trisha (when she's not being psycho, JK love ya Trish), Josh, Jonah and the ample of other VlogSquad members, but Dom stays winning.

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