Why You Need To Visit Mobile, Alabama
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Why You Need To Visit Mobile, Alabama

A beautiful city rich with history!

Why You Need To Visit Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, the city where Mardi Gras began. Full of history, beautiful homes, museums, and art, who could ever pass up an opportunity to visit Mobile, Alabama?

Going to boarding school at the Alabama School of Math and Science in Mobile was quite the experience. At first, I had no clue what Mobile had to offer in the way of sights, cute little spots, and my personal favorite, the world of art. But when I started taking art courses and exploring this city where I was temporarily residing, I found out what Mobile was underneath all the commotion. Unfortunately, if you asked me today if Mobile still excites me as much as it did the past two years, I would probably respond with, "I'm only excited to see my friends and teachers from high school and the USS Alabama (BB-60) for the 60th time." However, Mobile offers quite a bit, even if you live there and you've seen it all way too many times!


Downtown is probably one of the hottest spots in the city in regards to food, nightlife, and the occasional spot for photography. Some of the favorite spots in Downtown for food are The Royal Scam, Spot of Tea, Panini Pete's, Wintzell's Oyster House, Meditteranean Sandwich Co., Dumbwaiter, Buck's Pizza, Serdas, and Kitchen on George. As for sightseeing, the best landmarks to see is The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, or in short as we call it, "The Cathedral".

As for historical landmarks to see in downtown, Fort Conde is an interactive exhibit where visitors can learn about the people who colonized early Mobile. It's more of a one time trip, you walk through and read/see the fort replica and then it's over. However, it's pretty neat nonetheless. Walking through Fort Conde, with reading the information, takes approximately thirty minutes tops.

Other than the places mentioned above, explore downtown and you will find cute little shops and beautiful murals on the sides of alleys and buildings. The National African American Archives and Cooper Riverside Park are peaceful, calm environments! If your interested in learning more about Mobile, The History Museum of Mobile is located on Royal Street, The Mobile Carnival Museum on Government Street and the Alabama Contemporary Art Center located in the square by the Cathedral. Also important to mention, downtown has a few cool bars and a Hookah bar on the main strip.

Other Wonderful Places Of Mention

Mobile has a beautiful historic district that is nice to walk down the streets and marvel at the outsides of the houses that were built so many years ago!

More towards West Mobile, The Mobile Museum of Art is a great place to get a feel for European art. It's very similar to the Birmingham Museum of Art, but a little smaller! It is also a beautiful place to host events. My high school rented this space for prom and they opened several exhibits for guests to walk around and admire the pieces on display.

One of the last places I definitely recommend going to see before your visit ends, or even if you are moving down there, is the USS Alabama and the USS Drum. Not only does the landmark have the battleship and submarine, but also air crafts. Being a bit of a history buff with a fascination for aviation and naval ships, the USS Alabama is the ultimate spot. I have to visit every time I go to Mobile, Alabama.

All in all, Mobile is a beautiful city that continues to grow! If you're planning a visit, I recommend you go during the week of Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday is February 28th this year) or during the summer when it isn't raining as much.I encourage you to visit the city some time and not only visit some of the attractions I listed but others as well. I did leave out a few mentionable places, but that's the excitement of exploring somewhere new and doing your own research. Feel free to comment some of your favorite places in Mobile or ask any questions regarding the city and I will be more than happy to direct you somewhere or give some good spots!
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