Last week I was on holiday, and decided to visit Northern Italy for the first time. I set off with a couple of friends to the upbeat city of Milan, and since my trip has concluded, I have only positive things to say about this lovely city, which has prompted me to write this week’s article on Milan. Here are some of the attractions that I would recommend checking out if you are lucky enough to visit.

The most famous attraction to visit in Milan is without a doubt, the Cathedral Duomo di Milano. This stunning piece of Gothic architecture is the third largest cathedral in the world, and took nearly six centuries to complete. The cathedral which was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, can hold in excess of up to 40,000 people. Words are not enough to describe how large it is when you walk inside of the building. For an even more spectacular photo opportunity, wait till the sun is setting to take some breath taking photos of the Duomo.

Sitting to the left of the Cathedral Duomo de Milano is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This huge outdoor shopping center built in 1865, is one of the oldest malls in the world. The shopping mall hosts many luxurious shops including Prada, Dior, etc., and attracts many tourists looking to splash some cash on high-quality products.

If you enjoy art, and museums, I recommend the Cenacolo, which houses the famous “Last Super” painting. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance, as it is extremely hard to get access the day of. Along with the Cenacolo, is the Basilica di Sant’ Ambrogio. This fort turned museum boasts several exhibits including Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. I suggest picking and choosing the museums you want to visit in advance, because there is such a large selection that it would be hard to visit them all, within a short amount of time.

Moving along to my favorite subject, places to eat. Whenever I travel to a new place, I do extensive research as to where I want to eat. When in Italy, three foods come to mind: Pizza, pasta, and gelato. Starting with the best pizza place Milan has to offer, “Mr. Panozzo” is super cheap, and was delicious. While there I ate a whole pizza, accompanied by calzone and a panini. I recommend this place to everyone looking for delightful, homemade pizza, at an incredibly affordable price. For pasta, I advise a quaint restaurant by the name of “Da Giordano il Bolognese”. This family run gastronomical restaurant offers the best pasta I have ever had in my life. Along with a bottle of house wine from the restaurant, and dessert, it is by far the best place to get great pasta without breaking the bank at a Micheline restaurant. Finally, let’s talk about dessert. The best gelato place in the city is located along a canal, and the name of the shop is “Cioccolati Italiani”. The gelato I ate had multiple smaller cones inside a large cone, filled with different flavored ice cream, Nutella, chocolate sauce, and many other things.

All in all, I hope that this article motivates you all to visit Milan, and helps those of you going to have some ideas on what is exciting to do in the city. I certainly look forward to returning someday.