Tired of the usual beach vacation? Maybe you're in need of an adventurous getaway? Whether you're looking for a new experience or a unique vacation, Washington State is the perfect destination spot. From the breath-taking scenery to the abundance of glorious shopping, there's something that everyone can enjoy.

1. The scenery is a real-life episode of Planet Earth.


Netflix's mind-boggling series "Planet Earth" showcases the immense beauty of nature- similar to that seen walking down the streets of Bellevue, Washington. The state of Washington is covered in enormous, vibrant green trees which hover over the streets, highways, and homes of the locals. Washington's natural beauty makes this the perfect location to enjoy hiking, visiting beach parks, kayaking, skiing, paddle-boarding- and that's just to name a few.

2. There are neighboring islands which make for the perfect day trip.

Only a short ferry ride away, the nearby islands are the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful summer day outside. Bainbridge Island, specifically, has beautiful waters to kayak. In many of the kayaking spots, you will find vast trees and mountains surrounding you. Bainbridge has many beautiful nature trails to enjoy a bike ride, hike, or walk.

3. Seattle is diverse, clean, and provides endless entertainment options.


There's more to this beautiful city than just the Pike Place Market and Space Needle. While these are both musts if you've never visited Seattle before, there are more unique experiences awaiting you. If you're looking for a bite to eat, Alaskan Way is the street where various waterfront restaurants reside. At all of these restaurants offer a beautiful view and fresh seafood, guaranteed. Nearby, you'll find local thrift stores and the Museum of Pop Culture, which are both recommended stops on your visit.

4. The neighboring states make for multiple vacations in one stop!

Nearby are California and Canada, two beautiful vacation spots in themselves. If you're in the area, both of these destinations are only a short road trip away and will allow you to make the most out of this trip. Canada is almost an extension of Washington, with beautiful nature paths and scenery to take in. The enormous state of California allows you to maximize your experiences on the West Coast in a short time. If you're looking to incorporate a beach trip in your vacation, California is the perfect place to experience this.

Blueface couldn't have said it better himself- it's the best coast. The West Coast is the perfect vacation spot, especially Seattle, with endless opportunities to explore and expose your self to new experiences. Next time you almost book the vanilla-type Disney World vacation, reconsider a change of scenery in the beautiful state of Washington.