Well, I have finally made it to the wonderful Niagara Falls and what can I say besides, amazing? First of all, my lovely Bed and Breakfast is located across the street from the Falls. There is no better place to stay! At night all you can see are the lights displaying the water and it is breathtaking to see. Go out at night and see the Fireworks that happen right over the water! It is romantic and exciting! There are many bridges across the water and so many sights to see! There is even a Goat Island! How cute is that? There are no goats on the island which is sad, but still worth it! There are seagulls, many seagulls.

Go and walk around the town! There are shops and fun little places and sit and chat! Tents of food, games, and live music too if you come at the right time! Luckily we did!

When I saw the falls for the first time, I could not stop smiling. The beauty of the Falls is something I will never forget. It is a gigantic wonderful thing of nature that everyone stopped to take in. I went on the Hurricane Deck, and it was extremely fun and terrifying! So definitely go! The food is delicious and the people are oddly very nice!

I already know that I am going to miss this place very much and will be back very soon! Until next time Niagara!