Virtual Museum: Pierce The Veil
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Virtual Museum: Pierce The Veil

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Virtual Museum: Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil

Welcome back! In an effort to cover a variety of genres, I have already created spaces for The 1975 and Brand New. Today we are entering a slightly different world of music and art with the post-hardcore band Pierce The Veil. This progressive band has been at it since 2006 and now have an impressive discography of music under their belt. Also impressive is their contribution to the world of art, so let's take a look.

Lyrics / Album Artwork

I am guilty of sitting and ready PTV lyrics for hours because they are pure poetry and often tell a story. Take the lyrics below from "Dive In" (off of their new phenomenal album Misadventure) "Now I wanna be the tattoo ink / that swims down through the needle in your skin." With a band as instrumentally strong as this one, it is important to take a second to appreciate the songwriting. The instruments are the heart driving each song, but their lyrics are truly the soul giving each one life.

Now 4 full lengths in, there isn't an album artwork that isn't completely gripping. A fan favorite is definitely Collide With The Sky (below) which manages to encompass the entire album in a single image.

Transparent Writing and Recording Process

Whether it be through social media or interviews, PTV have been particularly open about the work that goes into each album. Their most recent album took years to create, and while they left fans in the dark for a while, they are now more than willing to shine light on everything they were doing. For their album Selfish Machine, they did a mini-documentary that brings you right into the studio.

Live Production / Stage Presence

This band has created music that is perfect to escape in through headphones, scream to in your car, but especially to experience live. PTV really puts on a show full of energy that will leave you breathless and speechless. They put a lot of thought into a stage setup that matches their vibe and in the past has even had moving parts. When you're not staring at the lights, set, or confetti, be prepared to make eye contact with one of the bands members who stay fully engaged with the audience.


PTV released a full-fledged documentary in 2013 to account their first world tour. The doc is a virtual adventure and a look into touring that you may not expect.


Before PTV, lead singer Vic Fuentes went to school for graphic design, and that knowledge has certainly paid off, as he has been able to create or approve some high-quality merch. The band also has some incredibly beautiful vinyl variants including coke bottle, white with red splatter, and more.

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