It's that time of year again, a time when the entire human population is gorging themselves on holiday treats and feasting for the holidays. It's a time of self remorse and guilty eating, but it also just so happens to be the time of the year when Victoria's Secret gathers the most beautiful women in the world to walk in an aired runway show wearing practically nothing. Talk about self loathing...

But this year should be different. Instead of curling up on the couch with your pound of chocolate and crying at the perfection that is Adriana Lima's body, gather your friends, grab your favorite bottle of vodka and play the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game. It's sure to turn your lonesome night of self pity into a night of drunken self pity instead.

So Here Are The Rules:

1. Take a sip every time a model comes on wearing wings. 

2. Take a sip every time they show one of the models outrageously perfect husbands in the front row. (Two sips every time it's a celebrity.)

3. Take a sip every time one of the models blows a kiss.

4. Take a drink every time you consider joining a gym.

5. Take a shot every time Taylor Swift awkwardly dances with a model.

6. Drink every time you think about how dysfunctional these outfits really are.

7. Chug if Ariana Grande comes out in a high pony.

8. Finish your drink if you're the first person to say, "She's not even that pretty."

9. Finish your drink (and regain a little self worth) if someone falls. 

10. Drink every time you feel bad about yourself a.k.a. constant chugging.

Boys, feel free to gather round as well: we've got some shots lined up for you too.

1. Drink every time the model has some kind of foreign accent.

2.  Take a sip every time you wish you could grab that ass.

3. Take a drink every time any of the women in the room you're in look sad. 

4. Take a shot every time you think about how hard that bra would be to get off. 

5. Take a shot if your girlfriend asks you if you think she's pretty.

6.  Take a shot if you can pronounce one of the model's names right. 

7. Finish your drink if you get a boner.

8. Finish your drink if there's a nip slip or wardrobe malfunctions.  

9. Finish your drink if you catch Ed Sheeran checking out one of the models.

10. Drink every time you think about having sexual relations with one of the models a.k.a. constant chugging.

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